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First encounter with LEO while carrying today - not very pleasant...

Could have been worse though, but yeah.. this is not cool..

I was shopping at a clothing store known for cheap prices.

NEVER AGAIN will I attempt to shop there after this.....

I ask the woman at the counter to use the dressing room so I can look at the tag of my pants that I am wearing, so I can find out exactly which size I need to get for the shorts that I want to buy.

as I'm in the dressing room, I take off my belt & lay my holstered weapon down on the bench, then I spin around and try to check the tag size in the mirror.

After figuring out what size my current pants were so I could get 1 size larger on the shorts, I put my belt back on, put the holster back on, etc.

As I leave the dressing room, this lady tells me "I know what you're doing in there, and the cops are on the way!"

I ask her "what am I doing? I haven't done anything wrong" - she says "We KNOW you're shoving items down your pants, we heard you take the belt off!"

I reply, "no maam, I took my belt off because I have my CWP and I needed to remove my holster - I have nothing down my pants at all."

She says "sure, whatever you say - you can tell it to the cops when they get here!"

So the cops walk in, I hand him my license and my permit. He asks if I am carrying right now, I tell him yes sir.

He secures my weapon. I then tell him he can gladly come in the dressing room with me, and I will strip down to my boxers so he can see that I have NOT shoved anything down my pants. He follows me in, but doesn't have me do that.

He had me spread my legs & he just checked like that.

So then we walk outside to finish talking after I obviously had not stolen anything. On the way out, the cop tells me - why did you bring this in here, didn't you see the sign on the door?

I tell him sir, there is no sign on the door - if there was I would have left this in my car, I never would have ever brought it inside.

We get out front and he says "oh, you're right.. there is not a sign on the door"

So anyway.. even after everything checked out, the cop places my Glock, my magazine, my spare magazine and my knife in the trunk of my car - but he kept the round that I had in the chamber..

What gives?

Those are very expensive rounds.. not to mention you can't even find them anywhere right now.

That is not cool to treat a law-abiding citizen like this..

I even showed the woman my cash in my wallet and told her maam, I am here to spend money - NOT shoplift, as I was waiting on the police.

Again.. WOW is all I can say right now..

I just wanted to get some shorts with belt loops so I can carry in comfort - nothing more.

I am still pretty shook up about this.. as I told the officers, that was my first encounter with LEO's while carrying.. I had done nothing wrong at all.. This is crazy dude.
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