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Experienced GLocker, Interesting Issue with Trigger Control

I may only be 20 years old but I have fired thousands of rounds through Glocks chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W, and 10mm without any problems ever since I got my G22 at 16 Years old.... until I got my beloved G21. (I have boxes and boxes of empty ammo in my closet to prove it...for an unknown reason) I have always been surprised by how accurate I can be with my G23 and G22 out to 25 yards.

With my G21 I have also experienced this infallible accuracy, until I decided to test out my trigger control with a paper plate at about 20 feet.

I can hit a soda can thrown down the hill and across the river (around 75 feet) dead on every single time, I can hit a floating shotgun shell moving swiftly down the river, but when I drew circles on a paper plate and tried to hit them at 20 feet I was about 4'' down and 3'' left of the silver dollar sized target...(Which I understand is a common problem with new shooters) every single time, not even when I fired the pistol resting on a table. Ammo was Federal Bulk 230gr and Hornady XTP Custom 200gr.

I have Glock Night Sights (Much thanks to the gentlemen who sent them to me!) with a little - above the line on the rear sight, so I assume it is the correct height.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice. I tried adjusting my grip and placing my trigger finger on the trigger different ways. Just can't seem to get that close accuracy down. When I dry-fire, I put a dime on the front sight, and it hardly ever moves or falls off. Guess I'm just better at long shots?

Any advice is appreciated, even if it's a stern "You suck!" or "Stop limpwristing it!". lol
"All skill is in vain when an Angel pisses on the flintlock of your musket." -Dean Speir
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