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Old 03-08-2013, 06:37   #51
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if you were paying attention ... this shortage was "advertised" last fall... i bit the bullet and ordered a years supply of all components... and i have MORE primers, powder & bullets on back order now.. for JUST IN CASE !!!!
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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
If he has primers, I don't see paying that kind of money for them. Things will ease up later this year, then place a big order like 10K of each size. Put them away for reserve.
That's the thing.
This one guy at my sportsman's club, he only buys when he 'needs' them. He never plans ahead.

I've tried to tell these guys - when you see a good price, forego the lunch or dinner 'out', and buy a few bricks of components, instead.

This guy's tried to 'hit me up' for 2k primers.
(He's 'borrowed' from others, and never repaid.)
I've learned my lesson. . . . I got to watch out for ME. There's no tellin' when I'll get the primers returned.

(Granted, there are a few of us that have a 'co-op' and we look out for one-another, including buying/picking up supplies.
The 'one-way guys' are usually on-their-own.)
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Originally Posted by Glock 1 View Post
Got these in today.


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Old 03-08-2013, 18:57   #54
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If you lived in Tucson I could point you in a direction that I know has them.
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Old 03-09-2013, 21:22   #55
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I found a reloading shop that had primers, a few powders and some bullets. I drove 75 miles each way and spent $1500 of my mad money and stocked up. I was buying for myself and several of my shooting friends. I did pay a heavy premium on both the powder and primers, but I manged to get them. The primers were $200+tax a case. The 8# jug of IMR was also $200, but what are you going to to do in a situation like this?
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Old 03-11-2013, 15:19   #56
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Do tell! I've looked all over Tucson and haven't had any luck with primers or powders. Murphy's was supposed to get a shipment of powder this past weekend, but when I called today, they didn't have anything.

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Old 03-11-2013, 15:25   #57
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Originally Posted by C6vetter View Post
Where can i backorder 10k or so? Who is most timely and reputable?
These folks have them in stock but be ready to pay a premium:
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