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Originally Posted by HarleyGuy View Post
I tend to be a bit proactive when it comes to our vehicles.
THey're all serviced religiously and the one thing that is a must for any vehicle is a good, strong battery.
All of our vehicles are garaged 100% of the time unless they're being driven and the "summer" vehicle batteries are on battery tenders.

Even with this, I replace our motorcycle batteries after two years and our vehicle batteries after four years.
For me, trying to get that last start or another season out of a battery that costs less $90, and ending up stranded isn't worth it.
I agree totally. My Acura's battery dying in less than 3 years was a shocker to me though. Always garaged, all maintenance done, and no sign of weak starts or anything really. Hell, I parked it at the KC airport for 8 days last month and it started right up like it had a full charge. I've been through four gel-cell batteries in my '02 Corvette. That thing eats batteries. I finally got smart and bought a battery tender for it. It's on the car whenever it's parked for more than a couple of days. If it sits for more than three weeks without driving or otherwise charging the battery, it's toast. Forget about it, just buy a new battery.
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