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Why Men Don't Want to Marry Nowadays

As some of you know, I went through a brief marriage that cost me an inordinate amount of money for the time we were together and a huge amount of emotional regret/grief. I ran across a couple of websites that truly typifies why marriage is rapidly becoming a losing proposition for at least 1/2 of men today.

The first is a Youtube video that has some great gov't data research and explanation of how feminism has destroyed marriage and why no sane man should enter it without some SERIOUS consideration and legal protection should they do so.

Here's an article from a FEMALE on why men don't want to marry nowadays:

Lastly, Pew Research did a study on the growing number of women who believe a successful marriage is the most important thing in their lives and the figures are rapidly growing, while men are almost inversely choosing the opposite:

For those ladies who frequent GT, I'd be interested in hearing your opinions and mothers/fathers, what you're doing to change this perspective for not only your daughters but your sons as well.

With the declining birth rate, our nation is faced with a HUGE demographic issue that will directly affect Medicare, Social Security, entitlement programs, tax revenues, etc. This will not end well for us in retirement if there aren't enough able-body young people working to put into the system.

P.S. Here's a great Tom Leykis Youtube of arguing many of the above points with an illogical/feminist woman:

P.S.S. Found a few more interesting stories -- written by women no less that substantiate my argument that marriage can be a huge pitfall for unsuspecting men

From the Huffington Post of all places:

The hypocrisy of a woman divorcing a man because of low sex many women would state that if their man loved her, they'd "accept" her for who she is?

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