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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
"This is far from being even close to over and done with. Bad things are in the pipeline. Even the Kennedy family weighed in on CNN last night. Sic."

The Kennedy family is irrelevant in today's America, well other than in the tabloids. The last thing I am worried about is any of those goobers voicing their support.
The problem is that many voters will recall the Kennedy name and the assassinations; I even recall where I was standing when I heard about JFK. And when I say voters, I am referring more to those in Congress than afield. The Prez has four years in which to stack the courts including the SCOTUS with anti-gun cronies that can pretty much do away with 2A and RTKBA.

It may not be a hugely relevant 'weigh in', but it simply brings the anti-gun craze to the forefront once again, much like this dufus Piers Morgan.... every dXXXmn night this guy is harping on a total gun ban.

After the State of The Union Address I am somewhat more optimistic about things. I don't think we will see the Assault Weapons Ban (Enhanced Version) and if we are vocal enough we just might find the debate in Congress wind the whole thing down to enforcing existing laws before more laws are considered. Only 4% of offenders of the existing laws make it to court apparently. Why oh why are we not pushing the heck out of empirical data? Educating everyone? So at least we can make a sensible argument without being laughed at?

Whatever, I hope someone sticks a short and sweet National Reciprocity Law onto the tail end of anything that does happen to make it to the floor. You have a carry permit from one state, it's good in every state. No conditions. No permit should be necessary in the first place, but try telling that to a NY State Trooper who has you pulled over once their new laws take effect. 7 round magazines? Imagine that. That's what my G36 magazines hold!
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