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Originally Posted by silentpoet View Post
I guess I need guilt to be able to work with them on changing. If it is not there then there is not much I can do to fix them. And some can change, at least control themselves. I don't do this out of great love for them, I do this out of a hope I can prevent future victims.

Not all of our clients are chomos. Most are just people who have depression or some other mental condition.
To be blunt, after working in a prison that dealt primarily with sex offenders, most of 'em ain't changing.
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work." -- Thomas Edison

Originally Posted by series1811 View Post
The first round is a moral decision. All of the following rounds are tactical decisions.
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Originally Posted by TylerDurden View Post
I don't have any out of the way places big enough for my ego.
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Jeffrey Lebowski
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Originally Posted by Cybercowboy View Post
In 1977 I was just 16 and working at restaurant at the mall. I was pretty low on the totem poll and was busing tables that night. It was around Halloween. I was busing a table near the entrance to the restaurant, which meant I was in the main walking area of the mall. I glanced to my left and saw a woman all bloody walking towards me trying to say something to me. I thought "Wow, that is an awesome costume!" Then I noticed she wasn't wearing a shirt or bra, just some tore up pants or something (can't remember for sure.)

I ran over to her as she staggered sideways and collapsed into a shoe display. When this happened her head fell back and I could see that her neck had been sliced from ear-to-ear. She looked me right in the eyes and then died. I could literally see her life leave her. By now there was a crowd of people gathering. I just stood back up and staggered backwards. Why? Because I recognized her. She was a frequent customer and would flirt with me, and leave me big tips for no good reason. And she was very pretty. I didn't know much about her other than she worked somewhere at the mall.

The police show up and ask if any employees have been in the back parking lot. My boss said "Well, <me> took the trash out about half an hour ago." The detective literally grabs me and hauls me into my bosses office and closes the door. He starts out with "Why did you kill her?" WHAT? I asked him why he'd ask me that. He said "You have access to knives, and were outside about the time she was killed." I said "Here, let me show you where I was." Took him outside and our trash area was a big walled-off area that was only accessible from two doors, one that led into the restaurant and one that was locked at all times unless the trash was being picked up. The wall was well over 10 feet tall. I'd have to be a super-ninja to pull off that crime.

They asked me if I had a vehicle. Yes, I did. I pointed it out to them. The detective gave me this look like "Oh my god." About this time another police officer yells out "I found the murder weapon!" Turned out to be a pocket knife of some sort, not a kitchen knife. However, the strange look from the detective was because my car was covered in blood. The victim's car was parked next to my car and she was stabbed in that car something like 70 times, then her throat slit. When she got out, she smeared blood all over my car, probably staggering or whatever.

Anyway they quickly started looking at other suspects and that was the last they bothered me. They found the guy, a Bible college student, who confessed. The strange thing was, he hid in her car that night. She came out and drove 30 miles to another store on an errand for the store she worked at, and then drove back, all with him hiding in the back seat. Then he attacked her just as she parked her car next to my car.

He was found guilty by reason of insanity and sentenced to a mental hospital/prison. I didn't hear anything until around 8 years later. I was at my GF's house (now my wife) and saw the newspaper. Right there on the front page was a story about how this murdered woman's family was outraged that this psycho had been released after only 5 years, and had a family now, and lived in town. They hadn't even been notified! I started ranting about that murderous SOB and my GF was trying to shut me up for some reason. Screw that! I'm pissed. Then I notice that my GF's mother is crying in the kitchen. My GF drug me out of the house and told me as we drove away why she was crying.

You see, that night this girl was murdered, it was my now mother-in-law who had sent this girl on that errand. She has felt like it was her fault for all these years.
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I once encountered a mutant badger in an old mine...
Okie -

"That's a big bite of crap sandwich, my friend..."

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China boy
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I live in a kind of small town. One summer day just as any other a quadruple murder took place. A guy who was convicted for murder at 16 and released at like 35 dated a girl, broke up and then killed her and her family and a neighbor with a knife. I remember walking to the post office a couple blocks over as it was occurring unbeknownst to me. Anyway, as time goes on you run into more and more friends who know more about what happened. I go to a bar and run into my old friend Troy. He is with his girl and another girl. Here the 2nd girl goes to the bathroom. When she was in there he tells me she was the best friend of the murdered girl. Here this girl at the bar walked into her friend's house and seen her friend all cut up and bloody. She thinks her friend is getting up then realized its someone moving toward her. She screams and runs out the house. The neighbor hears the scream and runs in and gets killed. I couldn't imagine being in that situation. My friend at the bar said the killer was a nice guy and talked about having plans to hangout prior to knowing about his past murder conviction. Weird story all around. God bless those people and that girl.

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as an add on to this thread, google "no seconds". it's a photo shoot by henry hargraves. it's death row prisoners last meals.

actually, kind of interesting.
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Ran into evil a few times. The most recent was today. Wife and I were out doing our Sunday shopping routine. We were in a Target in the burbs of Cincinnati. We were in line next to an obvious Grandmother with two of her grandkids. They were at the register just over from us. One of the kids was a girl around 13-14. She was dirty looking and her unkept hair was beyond dirty and oily. Acted a little "off" too. She said "I feel sick" to her grandmother, that was what got our attention. Then she turned and looked at my wife, then me. Her skin was pale and her eyes were naturally dark circled. That wasn't the weird part. It was the way she looked out of her eyes. All I can say is evil is the best way to describe it. She stared at my wife basically the whole time we were checking out. I don't scare easy but this girl was unnerving the way she stared and acted. I was thinking about how to handle the situation if she approached us the whole time. I figured putting the shopping cart between us and her was the best way to avoid contact. Glad we were checked out before them.
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Taped for future reading and storys

posted using Outdoor Hub Campfire
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Originally Posted by uptomyneck View Post
When I was 18, I flew to NOLA in late '77. Sitting next to me on the plane was an older guy who kept talking to me. He said he had a rental car and would drive me to the Quarter (my family was there) since he was staying there too.

When we pulled up to his hotel, he reached over and put his hand on my leg asking me if I wanted to go up to his room with him. I snatched his hand off and told him to **** off. I got out and walked away. A year later, I saw his picture on the news. It was John Wayne Gacy.
He was probably just clowning around with you.
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Tagged. Some of these stories are truly horrific.

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Perhaps not evil, but strange...

I had a girl who I'd coaxed out of a relationship with an abusive dude. He had really screwed her up; once while on pain meds she even came at me swinging a kitchen knife, screaming "what you doing in here, Mike?!?"

Anyway, one day I had to drop something off at her house while she was at work. There was this dude, dressed in her little frilly apron, vacuuming the living room. I should have called in the Sheriffs, but the scene was just so weird I GTFO before he knew I was there.

She said he sometimes did crap like that and she claimed she had no idea how or why he was coming in. She would not file papers on the guy nor change her locks. Eventually we split up.

So one day she gets up the nerve to go to his place and demand her key back. Lets herself into his apartment and discovers Mike has AEAed himself while looking at old Polaroids of her.

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"Well this is interesting".

He leads me through a door at the end of the room, on the near left I see a washer and dryer, in the far left corner I spot the water meter.

Then, in the right corner I see a chain link fence structure. About 8' x 10'. Poles imbedded in the floor full height to the ceiling, mid level cross bars, and a very sturdy looking man gate.

"Huh", I thought, "Must be some sort of dog kennel".

I'm kneeling in the corner inspecting the meter when notice there is a bed and a folding chair in the cage.

"I wonder why he has a bed in the dog kennel"?

Then I realize the guy is getting a little closer than he has to be, behind me.

I spun on my knee, stood up, and made some quick strides past the man and out the door.

When I got back to my car I was pretty freaked out, and very glad I didn't accept his coffee.
I hope you notified the local P.D. about the cage. Not crime in having one I guess, but it clearly wasn't meant for anything above board shall we say?

Makes me wonder just how many 'missing' people have spent time or will spend time in such a potential hell hole.

Deo Vindice!
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Glad there are so many more stories that we missed in the late "woods thread".

Uneventful but:

I did have a creepy, pale, and "clammy looking" guy in his late 20s that would always stop in front of our yard, lean on the fence, and watch my siblings, friends, and myself play in the yard( ranging from four through nine years old).
Usually we just ignored him, and moved to the backyard or inside while trying not to make it look obvious. One day we finally asked him if he wanted something "no, I just like to watch you play".
He was way to young to be reminiscing of a distant childhood like an older person might do. About half the time he was accompanied by an older guy, with scruffy beard and greyed hair, who had a limp and walked with a cane.

On that day I then asked if that guy he sometimes walked with was his dad, and he said "no, that's my brother(had to have been 15+ years older) dad's dead".

He stopped once or twice after that then finally quit..

I do have one story that fits the bill (more on the paranormal side) that I may type up one day in the future.
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This could go in either Strangest thing while driving thread, or face to face with evil thread. So, I'll post it in both...

Around 2002, I was living in a small town of 800 in Idaho and worked about 20 miles away at the local airport for TSA.

I was driving to work at about 0600 and wearing my TSA uniform and driving my lifted F-250 along a 2-lane highway in a light drizzle.

I come over a hill and see a person walking along the side of the road wrapped up in a blanket.

I start to slow down to offer them a ride, thinking their car must have broke down (they were about 6 miles from the nearest town).

As I get about 300' away and down to about 25mph, I start getting a "feeling". Sort of a sense of creepiness or evil. By this time, I could see the figure was a 20-something white male, wrapped in a wool blanket, and not looking very happy.

I trusted my gut and kept going and immediately called the sheriff's department to report the situation.

I forgot about it until I got home from work that night and my wife asked me if I had heard what happened.

At the time, my brother was a jailer for the county and told me what happened.

Dispatch sent out a deputy that I happened to know to check the guy out. When he rolled up on the guy, he just kept walking and mumbling. When the deputy approached him, he started screaming something about the deputy being a demon and charged him with a knife.

The deputy was just a few feet from his patrol car, so he ran around to the other side of it for cover, then the guy chased him around it while he kept telling him to stop or he'd shoot.

He ended up putting a couple of .40 S&W Ranger SXT rounds center of mass into the guy.

Turns out the guy was all sorts of crazy and went off his meds. My brother said he'd been in the jail a couple of times and was a nice guy when medicated...

He ended up barely surviving and last I heard was barely mobile carrying around a bag for his urine...
Okie -

"That's a big bite of crap sandwich, my friend..."

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I would agree with you, but then we would both be wrong!
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There are reasons that some of us walk around armed, so having said that, I'll pass on the face to face with evil part.

However, I will play on the creepy part.

Back in 98 I was moving to upstate new York, near
Glens Falls, about 90 minutes north of Albany. This was
our 7th move in 10 years. As it normally worked, I would
leave 60-90 days in advance, while my wife got the house
sold and the kids wrapped up and ready for the move.

We were buying a new house and they had a bad winter so
the house was about 2 months behind. Rather than put
my family up in a hotel for 3 months, I rented a small
cabin on the lake.

I was there for a month before my family came. The
first thing I noticed was that it was really really dark
at night. When you laid in bed, you could not even see
your hand in front of your face. On the third night I woke
up at 2 am and could see the bathroom light was on
across the cabin (1 BR). I laid there paralyzed with fear
for about an hour, then got up and turned it off. I talked
myself into the fact that I must have left it on.

The next night, I slept fine, woke up, stumbled into the
kitchen and almost **** my pants. Every upper cupboard
door was open. I almost had a heart attack. Went
to work and decided it was either wind or someone was
in the cabin at night.

On the way home that night, I stopped at the store and
got some tape and string. When I got back to the cabin
I taped and strung all the windows and doors. I then
started a system of checking every door and window
when I left or went to bed, never was one moved.

I started noticing strange things, there was a picture on
the wall, that was always crooked, being OCD, I straightened
it every time I want by, and every time I would come back
it was crooked.

There was a lamp next to the couch that had a old
church key turn switch, I was sitting there watching
TV one night, and click, right behind my left ear, then
a cold breeze.

Bathroom light on again, kitchen cupboard doors open
again, wash machine lid slams shut, picture moved
and on and on.

Now, I'm not saying crap to my wife because she was
coming up that week with the kids and some of our
stuff, and by now I'm pretty much thinking I am F'n
out of my mind.

Night one, she says, this place is pretty creepy, something
is not right here. I say nah, alls good, house will be done
in 2 months and we're out.

Night 2, kid will not sleep in the front room, have to move
him in with the baby. She gets them down, comes back
to bed, falls asleep, then wakes me up, bathroom light
is on. She says there is some one in the house, she
knows she did not leave the light on. I go check, turn
the light out.

Day 3, she calls me at work and asks why all the windows
are taped and strung. I told her I was spooked and
wanted to make sure no one was coming in or out while
I was not there.

Night 3 Kid will not sleep in front room, put him down
with the baby. I wake up very early and go to work at
AM, we are dong inventory. She calls me at 7 am and
asks why I opened all the cupboard doors. Told her I was
looking for sugar and was in a hurry (got coffee at 7-11)

Night 4, kids are watching TV, she asks to talk. We go
into the front room and she says, I think this house is
haunted. I ask why, she just looked at me and said
you know perfectly well why. I was like, no such thing
don't worry, its just an old cabin. She says BS.

Night 5, Kid wont go down in the front room, she takes
him in with the baby, about an hour later I hear her
scream. She comes running out with both the kids and
says we are leaving, NOW. She was laying there trying
to get my son to sleep and the radio turned on.

10 min later, we were on the road to a hotel, where
we spent the next 7 weeks until our house was done.

She would not let me go back to the cabin to get anything
at all to bring to the new house.

About a year later, I'm telling this story to a guy I had met and became frends with. He is laughing his *** off. He
tells me, Dude, back in the late 40's a guy killed his whole
family in that cabin and then hung himself over the
stacked up bodies.

Never believed for a second in ghosts, until I lived in that
cabin for 5 weeks


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I got kicked out of boy scout camp on totally false accusations, and because I was "insubordinate," (I lost my temper and yelled when the scoutmaster kept accusing me of having threatened other scouts twice my size when there were literally a hindred witnesses I was somewhere else when it happened).

I later heard he was molesting the other boys and wanted me gone because I was a tattletale and he wouldn't be able to do anything while I was around.
"The more ignorant the individual, the more credulous he becomes, and the more prone to believe in the fearful and satanic nature of the many things that pass his comprehension." - Charles W. Olliver

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Originally Posted by Smithers View Post
He was probably just clowning around with you.
Eye c whut u did their.
The truth is you're the weak. And I'm the tyranny of evil men. But I'm tryin', Ringo. I'm tryin' real hard to be the shepherd.
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Originally Posted by Willfulone View Post
There are reasons that some of us walk around armed, so having said that, I'll pass on the face to face with evil part.

However, I will play on the creepy part.

... super creepy stuff edited out...

About a year later, I'm telling this story to a guy I had met and became frends with. He is laughing his *** off. He
tells me, Dude, back in the late 40's a guy killed his whole
family in that cabin and then hung himself over the
stacked up bodies.

Never believed for a second in ghosts, until I lived in that
cabin for 5 weeks

That was the creepiest thing I ever read. I have chills running up and down my spine right now. Excellent!
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Odd thing (sure can't say "funny") but I have known a couple of grisly murderers, more pedophiles, assorted sadistic people, and what has horrified me most is many of them there are out there. I mean to say that at some point it is all wrong and the more grisly the act really doesn't make it MORE wrong, it was wrong in the first place from the moment they got the idea.

Other than that, I once saw someone put catsup on a med/rare rib eye steak, THAT was pure evil.
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Great thread. Lots of interesting posts with great insight.

I've had a couple weird instances:

I was five or six and me and a buddy were playing hide and seek. We went into an attached shed on a nearby rent house. Someone came behind us and locked us in. No light and its pitch black in there, no knife or tool to get out and stuck with a kid I didn't care much for. After a couple hours we were let out. Always carry a flashlight now.

I was a latch key kid and was approached a couple times by people trying to lure me over to their car, but I never got grabbed.

My wife and I were stalked for several months in college. To the point the deans brought in some state and federal help. Reason #1 why I conceal carry. They never caught 'them' but the prime suspect was found dead a few months later.

I'm sure there are others, but not thinking real clear tonight.
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Originally Posted by silentpoet View Post
I work with some in day treatment. It just makes me sad when they cannot manage to feel guilt.
I have chatted with several hundred of them (molesters) not one has ever shown any remorse or anything in the least. They regret that they got caught and are now listed on the internet for anyone with a computer to see. Youngest from 14 to 78 was my spread,,,,and some were women.
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