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Old 02-10-2013, 12:13   #76
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Originally Posted by Kozel View Post
Nevada. Looks like close to half of the state has “for sale” sign on it and more then half of Las Vegas. Even “Da Strip” has a huge hole in it full of abandoned construction.
Scary looking place.

Reno may be one of the most depressing places in the US. But, it is cool to be able to just drive off the highway and shoot anywhere.
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Originally Posted by tarpleyg View Post
Michigan. Detroit area specifically. Enough said.
Michigan is great except for their cities.
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Originally Posted by NorthCarolinaLiberty View Post
I remember seeing some research to determine if Kansas is actually flatter than a pancake.
I imagine the researcher received a pretty good .gov grant for doing that.
Jay P
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Originally Posted by paynter2 View Post
I like Wisconsin - great fishing and hunting. Beautiful lakes and rivers.

Nebraska has great bird hunting and massive white tale.

I don't know what state you're from ASH, but their school systems must be aweful.
no worries im from NC . tarheeel and when online i just hit keys as not really into correct grammar or punctuation

i reckon i could could but im a rebele /
— 'Most people have a regulator between their mind and mouth that modulates their brutish sentiments and spikiest impulses.

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Originally Posted by grg3d View Post
Any State that infringes on my 2nd amendment rights to keep and bare arms

And just how many throw you in jail for rolling your sleeves up?
Jay P
"Since we are informed that these black ninja helicopters do not in fact exist, we may infer that if
you shoot one down it does not count."
Jeff Cooper
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New Jersey.

It is not only the armpit of the US, it is an armpit with an ingrown infected hair.
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Originally Posted by The Maggy View Post
Kansas. I don't think that there is more than a 5 foot change of elevation across the entire state.
Not so for the Eastern part
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I have been to most of the States west of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon (I prefer to remain within the boundaries of civilization ) I have spent quite a bit of time in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Washington, North Carolina and of course my home in Oregon. I have not found any State that didn't have some redeeming features if I looked hard enough, although anything in California south of about 60 miles north of SF is of questionable value.

Of note in my mind were,

Kansas, drove through once, went through on a bus twice, once t night once during the day. The bus trip was out of the twilight zone. I'd go to sleep, the bus would stop. 'd open my eyes, there would be a water tower, a Texaco and a Stuckey's. I'd go to sleep, when the bus stopped again, there I was in the same place. It went on for hours.

Washington State. "The Tri-cities"? Really? why?

Indiana, Evansville. Quite a surprise in mid-summer from the arid Kansas you just left. They have a thing called "humidity", hits you sorta like a brick wall.

Oklahoma, "Mt Park" I was a kid, they told me we were going to a "Mountain for a picnic". I'm from Oregon (Mt Hood), I'm looking for a down jacket, some gloves and boots. I was worried because I, and none of the adults, seemed prepared.
Trust me Oklahomans, as an eleven-year-old, I could tell you "that ain't no "Mountain"

All, in all though, I have found decent people in all the places I've been and, even if the landscape wasn't "pretty", it was at least different enough to be amusing.

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If you stand on the outskirts of Lubbock, you can see 50 miles in any direction.

If you stand on a tuna-fish can, you can see 80 miles in any direction.
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I can't stand new york, every time I go there I hate myself.

Connecticut isn't much fun either.
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Old 02-10-2013, 13:01   #86
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Originally Posted by jtull7 View Post
If you stand on the outskirts of Lubbock, you can see 50 miles in any direction.

If you stand on a tuna-fish can, you can see 80 miles in any direction.
But the curvature of the earth prevents more then a 15-ish mile line of sight before you're looking above your level...

...that's a heck of a tuna can.

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New Jersey. I swear the only part of the state not built on a toxic waste site is the Pine Barrens. And if the prettiest part of the state is called the Pine Barrens, well, that says it all.

Texas is a close second. I moved there in '81, and will never forget how I was treated. I came out of my apartment a week after I got there and found all 4 tires slashed and a cinder block through the windshield, with Yankee Go Home spray painted on the side. The Lubbock cop who was called to the scene actually told me that as a Yankee I shouldn't be surprised, and if I were smart I probably shoud go back north. As soon as I opened my mouth, I got hassled in bars, gas stations, diners and supermarkets. It didn't matter where I went, some jerk would tell me all about how yankees weren't welcome. After my 2nd or 3rd asskicking I figured it was time to go, and will never go back. It was, without a doubt, the worst 3 months of my life.

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New Jersey
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I have been to 47 of the states and spent a good deal of time working in about 30. Here are my top 5 least favorite:

Kansas (Hate every single thing about it)
West Virginia
North Dakota

Honorable mentions
New Jersey
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new jersey sucks...period. the beaches are gross, the roads beyond suck, the mindset is poisoned. a.c., camden, newark, the entire area around carteret actually smells bad,

and, oh yeah, rt 37 in toms river. first off, could you shove another red light in there? i'd like to never get above 6 m.p.h., and oak grove...."trailer" is not spelled with an "o".

take cantsingsteen, bon awful, and that mobidly obese gila moster chris twinkie, and flush it all down the toilet.
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Indiana in the summer. It was hot. It was humid. There wasn't a damn thing to do. All the family I met there for the first time were just like everyone else I met during that two weeks - serious 'neck material. Like no doors inside of their houses kind of 'necks. The "fancy" restaurant in every town was Red Lobster. Every town I saw in that state was like a huge truckstop. I hope it was better in other areas.
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Originally Posted by Gallium View Post
In summary, I've been to every state, at least 3 times, including Hawaii, and all of them have their great pluses - including NJ, which is the only state in the nation where every county is classified as "urban".

- G
I don't think this is true. I'm from NJ and don't miss it, except for the far NW corner of the state which is rural Sussex county.

May have grown up a bit but I believe its still somewhat agrarian. Cape May County probably isnt' urban either.

Brings me to a topic that really pains me. There are states I would never live in and that includes NJ and MD. High taxes, gun control and libs are the primary reason. But they have other points including an accumulation of memories from times I was there or passed thru, geography and other things sentimental that just irritate the hell out of me that these bozos have made off limits to me. Same for CA, weather, geography, natural beauty…despoiled by politically correct idiots who should be in jail for ruining such great places. Makes me really angry those locations have been made uninhabitable.
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I grew up in Illinois and I must say the only places ive been that I like less are Indiana and New Jersey. Moved to Hawaii a month ago and plan on being here for a very long time, but damn its expensive as shˇt compared to the midwest!
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Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
The entire country could do without any state north of Pennsylvania, and California.

I used to drive an 18 wheeler and I've been in every state in the union, including Hawaii and Alaska while in the military.

ALL of New England sucks the big one.

I have NO use for any of those socialist states and their little fascist kingdoms.
Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire all have very good gun laws. In NH I can ride a motorcycle without a helmet while open carrying a pistol without insurance. New Hampshire is one of the freest states in the country.

Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire are all pretty free states. It's Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Conneticut that give New England a bad name.
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Lone Wolf8634
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Lets just say that Arizona and Wyoming are the only places I would consider living. And Arizona only has two places I would have interest in, Flagstaff and the Verde Valley area.
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does Puerto Rico count? filthy and full of people that dont care about anything as long as they look "good", are severly LAZY and have no manners or common goodwill. rotten fruit in the grocery stores, meat rotting on the shelves. weevils in your rice and cereal. these were constants of living in PR. that place sucks to high heaven. the best thing about PR was when i left that cess pool.

wyoming, just weird. my wife (Korean) and i drove thru there once. we stopped at a gas station around 11pm. there was a flannel shirt, old dirty baseball hat wearing cretin there. she went in to buy a coke. 5 minutes later she came out, that guy had multiplied into 5 cretins, all of them staring at her. freaked her out big time! i told it was because they had prolly never seen one of them "Godzilla People" in person....i got slapped.

new jersey, like dog crap, i cant wait to wipe this place off my shoe....

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Really do not get the appeal. But I will say the chest thumping about being the biggest is always amusing.
Thomas Paine:

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may have peace"
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I grew up in Idaho, so I have very high standards as far as good people and beautiful country...

I've lived in Hawaii, Washington, California, and Iowa.

Iowa has some great people, but also a surprising number of anti-gun democrats and white trash. Plus, the weather is awful... -70 wind chill in the winter, and 100 degrees with 90% humidity in the Summer... There is some great deer hunting and fishing, though.

Washington was beautiful but the western half is ultra-liberal and congested.

Hawaii was a train wreck; liberals, smelly hippies, racist locals, awful drivers, but beautiful. I would never live there again even with millions of dollars...

California needs no description...

Arizona is a nice blend and you can go from a liberal metro area to a tiny white trash town in an hour and experience desert cacti to lush pine forests in the same time frame.
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I hate NJ. I have lived in rural PA all my life and can't stand NJ. Fortunately most of my family has emigrated to other states or died off so I don't have to go there often now.

Crazy high taxes, lots of annoying suburbanite soccer moms, cops that look like they got their uniforms from the SS and have a matching attitude, and if I have a box of 22 hollowpoints in my car when I'm in NJ lookout I'm in trouble!

Not to mention everything is so built up and urban it's disgusting. PA is going that route too, at least here in the Pocono Mountains.

Upstate NY is beautiful but I feel bad for them having NYC in their state. Been to NYC a few times, always can't wait to get out.

Last time I went to NYC was on the way to long island to rescue a new motorcycle from certain death. Paid 32 dollars in tolls getting to the dealer.
"Love is when you feel the same way about a person as you do about your motorcycle."
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M&P Shooter
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states you have been to that are aweful

New Jersey....... Newark, Patterson, Camden, the outskirts of AC casinos, Jersey City, Irvington are pure hell holes plagued with drugs and crime. Camden NJ is by far a living hell on Earth!
R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell
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