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Originally Posted by jilverthor View Post
As much as I hate taxes, I have not reached the point that I will spend money just to keep the government from getting a smaller portion. As such, my objective is to have the largest increase in net worth (legally) rather than to minimize the taxes.

At some point I may develop enough spite that I am willing to accept less myself just to keep the government from getting as much.

I think I have, or did for a few years, and I did use that exception Dana mentions, earlier in the previous decade to spend a fair penny on a vehicle for a one time tax deduction - and the numbers worked.

For me it is not spite, it is control.

If I work 40hrs a week, my salary (made up numbers) is $1000/week, and I take home $787 after taxes/before healthcare.

If I work 50hrs a week, my salary is $1375 and I take home ?

If I work 70hrs, salary = $2k~ and I take home how much?

If anything, when I am working overtime the government should tax me at a LESSER rate, since I am displacing much opportunity cost to earn that money. It is already costing me more than "normal" to earn it, and then after I gave up sleep, welfare checks, WIC food stamps/etc, I have to pay above and beyond what the guy who worked 40hrs/week paid.

Yes, irrational and not easily fixed, but it is my rant.
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