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Old 02-06-2013, 23:20   #41
Juris Glocktor
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These guys have no business being in uniform anyway if they are too lazy to respond to emergent medical calls involving infants. We roll hot to those calls whenever there is a medical involving certain classes of people who are deemed to be high at-risk.
Originally Posted by blueiron:
I've said it before and I'll say it here: they'd look better with lividity.
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Originally Posted by yamen1999 View Post
There are some of us non LE types that know the media can't be trusted. We know that there are more LEOs who do an excellent job than there are dirt bags in uniform. Thanks for doing what you do.
I don't know that it's necessarily an anti-cop bias. I'm sure there's plenty of that, too, but let's face it, bad news makes for better news. Everyone complains about it, but those same complainers are the ones demanding 24/7 coverage of tragedies.

As for bad cops, I used to live across the street from one (he moved). This is a guy that nearly everyone I know knew the name, and other cops I know would hear that I lived near him and would simply say "sorry." I know a few folks who ONLY had interactions with this officer, and therefore hated all the city cops because of the impression he left.

Frankly, I look at it the same as anyone else - I'll be polite and give the benefit to anyone until they give me a reason not to. As far as police officers, it takes a hell of a lot for one of them to lose my respect, because I know a fraction of the crap they (you guys) deal with.

I don't let the few bad apples spoil my view of the barrel.
"I'm your priest, your shrink, your main connection to the switchboard of souls. I'm the Magic Man, the Santa Claus of the Subconscious. You say it, you even think it, you can have it." - Lenny Nero
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Officer X
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Originally Posted by BigSpenda864 View Post
I've seen officers slow rolling a hot call. It's usually the guys or gals who are scared. There's always a couple in every department I guess.

I remember one time there was a big fight in progress outside a local bar and when I got about half a block away there was this officer just sitting at a red light at 1:00am with no traffic anywhere. I just hit the blues and went around her followed by our supervisor. She said afterward that she didn't think she was authorized to run code so she was waiting for the light to change. I asked her why she just didn't turn right on red and then turn into the parking lot of the bar so she wouldn't have to bust the light or turn on her lights... I'm still waiting for a reply.
0100 bar fight/drunks...lights and siren go on at least 2 blocks away. Problem takes care of itself. Roll in and lock up the losers if they stick around.....lol

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Originally Posted by Bruce M View Post
They should have had an ambu bag, automatic defibrillator (perhaps not for a five year old) some stuff to stop serious bleeding and the training to do those kinds of first aid activities that can save a life prior to Fire Rescue arriving. If Rescue or another unit arrives the responding officer can be/usually is slowed down.
Ha! I am issued a first aid kit with three or four pieces of gauze and a roll of tape. And my medical training consists of a CPR cert from the police academy that expired nine years ago. When we get notified of medical calls, I am happy to head that way if requested and lend a hand to the EMTs on scene. But for the most part, I am little more than another bystander to get in the way...
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Originally Posted by Officer X View Post
0100 bar fight/drunks...lights and siren go on at least 2 blocks away. Problem takes care of itself. Roll in and lock up the losers if they stick around.....lol
So true. They scramble when the five o arrives. Better to let them know you're coming unless you want to step into a full on brawl.
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