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Sgt. Schultz
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Originally Posted by OdinIII View Post
I just thought that I would share my experiences with the Dell 90 watt charging adapters. I used to go through one every year on my work laptop when I used the velcro strap to secure the wire in a bundle. Now I just slightly coil it up and I've now been using the same adapter for many years. Maybe this will help someone, that cable is just co-ax and isn't meant to be bent often.

Now I cringe when I see people tightly bend those cables. Our Systems admin guy just did one the other day.
I had to get the CEO at a past job to suggest the same thing to our salesmen (they wouldn't listen to me) because I was replacing so many adapters every year because of broken plugs. crack wires etc ...
Sgt. Schultz

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Stand Up Guy!

NBT was generous enough to send me his old power cord. It got here and works perfectly. I just want to thank him and to let you all know that he spent his own time and money to hook me up.
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Way to go glock-talk.

Nice to see people helping each-other out.

FYI, if you are looking for a cheap cable in the future, give Power + a look, I have had good luck with them.

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I just ordered one from Dell. Delivered in two days.
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