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Solution to School killings

There has been a lot of jibberish and double talk in the last few months about the best way to protect our children from horrors like Newtown.

As in most problems, the answer here is simply to follow the money.

Why does the government continue to create/advocate so-called "gun free zones" like schools? BECAUSE THEY ARE STATUTORILY IMMUNE TO ANY AND ALL CIVIL AND CRIMINAL LIABILITY.

That's right. Regardless of how many people are murdered in public schools, not one American will ever see a dime in civil damages from the government for negligence. I don't know what the best answer is but I know the quickest way to find out. Put the bean counters in charge.

If Newtown had been forced to pay 26 multi-million dollar wrongful death suits, you can bet your ass every town/hamlet/municipality and city in this country would have a "school protection plan" the very next day that would be the absolute best possible. There would an armed resource officer in every school. The ability to qualify for a concealed carry permit would be added to the list of employment requirements for every teacher and they would be actively encouraged to carry to work. Let's hit them where it hurts. The bottom line.

Municipal insurance policy requirements will miraculously cut through all the red tape when each dead kid is worth a million dollars.

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