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Letter template to use when complaining about No Guns Allowed

To all GT members reading this:

This is a form letter for anyone to use in making your concerns known to any business that prohibits the concealed carrying of firearms at their place of business, store, etc. You may copy and edit this at will, print for mailing, use in email or online forms without restriction. It was written by me for this express purpose, but is not intended to be a coverall, catchall, etc. Different circumstances call for different measures. This letter is only to serve as either something that you can use quickly, or as a guideline for you to create your own letter from. It is nothing more than a template for you to go by.

Edit: It is a TOOL to be used to INFORM. In no way, shape, or form is it intended to try to tell a business owner that they have no right to ban concealed carry in their places of business, but merely here to let them know why you won't be shopping there anymore. Attn: Business owners: no one questions your right to do so, we're just letting you know why we choose to go elsewhere.
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======================== do not copy above this line =============================

[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

[Recipient Name]
[Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Dear [Recipient Name]:

RE: Prohibition of Law Abiding Citizens ability to conceal carry legally owned firearms in your establishment

I have been a loyal consumer of your business for [approximate length of time] and have had no issue with shopping there. In fact, each visit was a pleasant experience until the latest one.

When I arrived at your place of business, I was extremely disappointed to find that someone had posted a [No Firearms sign | 30.06 Criminal Trespass By Concealed Handgun License holder sign | choose appropriate sign type for your state/region] at the entrance to the business, which effectively prohibits a law abiding citizen in possession of a [CCW Permit | Concealed Handgun License | choose permit/license type here] from carrying their weapon on your premises. I have been a licensed, concealed handgun carrier since [enter timeframe here] and I take strong exception to any business posting such signs and banning my ability to carry therein. While I acknowledge your right as the establishment’s owner or owner’s agent to impose such a ban and will respect your position, there are several reasons behind my concern and ultimate decision to no longer engage in commerce with you or at any of your business locations or affiliates.

As a [CCW | CHL] holder, I have undergone training and a background check through NICS, State Police and FBI databases; I am a responsible gun owner/carrier and have been found to be a law abiding citizen with no criminal record. This being said, your banning people such as myself, the law abiding citizens, means that from this point on, your establishment is considered a “gun free zone”. Any place that is a considered or marked as a “gun free zone” means that only criminals will have guns in that “gun free zone”. Places like Columbine High School, the theater in Aurora Colorado, Sandy Hook elementary school, and Oak Creek were all “gun free zones”, and that did nothing to stop the tragedies that occurred at each of those places. In fact, it made matters worse. Such tragedies do not happen in places that are not “gun free zones”, and personally I choose to not be in such a place where I am unable to defend myself, my family, others near me, or even you should the unthinkable happen.

These signs not only take away my right to carry my firearm in your location(s), but it also announces to criminals that you have a target rich victim environment for them to exploit, and basically invites them to do so.

Should you change your mind and position on this matter, and remove any restrictions on the law abiding citizens from legally carry firearms within your place(s) of business, I would be happy to return to re-engage in commerce and conduct business with you or your agents. Until that happens, neither myself, or my family will return and I will make it my business to inform each and every person I know, and even those I don’t know, that you take an anti-Second Amendment stance.


[Your name and Title (if any) here]

[Name and address of anyone else you will be sending this letter to]

[Title of any supporting documents or attachments to this letter]
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