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RIP little one... Most of us agree that gun control does not work. However, let's not forget about the little girl.
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Gun control stops crime like Kristalnacht stopped the Great Depression.
Rust and bureaucrats. Freedom and vigilance. Front sight and trigger. Kindness and firepower. Situational awareness and tolerance. Safety and concealment. Taxes and allegiance. Love of man and surgical marksmanship. Once a soldier, always a soldier.
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Originally Posted by N4LP View Post
Yes I do where a seat belt.
And I avoid bad areas of town.

I you feel more comfortable driving with a helmet, or taking a gun to your local grocery store than that's your right. Maybe you're a horrible driver, or live in a bad part of town, or maybe you're just paranoid. Either ways, it's your choice to make and I'm not trying to take it from you.
My point is you DO care, then, if you 'die' in a car accident.
You probably keep insurance too.
All those things are OK, I do too for that matter.
I apply the same mindset to my daily errands, I usually go armed.
...Then I found a place it's dark and it's rotted
it's a cool, sweet kinda-place where the copters won't spot it.
-T Hip
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