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Originally Posted by DaBigBR View Post

The light is wider than the trigger guard, so the holster needs to be wider than the light. That necessarily creates a gap between the trigger guard and the holster. I have never used a WML holster where you could NOT get something like a finger or pen in there to the trigger, but alas I have never tried to pull the trigger in that situation.
Yeah...common sense. I don't think they will find what they are looking for if they stick with weapon mounted lights.
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not the holster but the light

are single cell WML's any skinnier than the double cell lights?
Would that even help?
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Originally Posted by jokon View Post
are single cell WML's any skinnier than the double cell lights?
Would that even help?
Is there even such a thing that fits on handgun rails?
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Originally Posted by series1811 View Post
The first round is a moral decision. All of the following rounds are tactical decisions.
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The guy that this happened to is in my department, though i am just a lowly corrections officer. He's pretty squared-away, and I havent seen him since this happened so I havent had a chance to ask him about it. I will say this- that area is pretty "happenin," and chaotic and dangerous calls are the everyday norm, I would venture to say it wouldve been a serious case where he would be so distracted for a small girl to come up on his gun like that.

Also, the memo issued from our agency originally was much longer than that, so i dunno who did the chopping for those short bullet points.
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Nothing new. A small finger, (or your finger, if you're not afraid to lose some skin) can actuate the trigger.
Originally Posted by BIGGUNS911 View Post
Got a memo today advising everyone with a safariland 6285 holster is to stop using them immediately. This is due to an incident on the West side of Washington State. The memo advised the officers duty weapon was discharged while in the holster. The info was a child put it's finger in the holster and was able to pull the trigger on a S&W M&P 9MM. I don't have the memo with me of I could give more on the department name and such.

I carry a Glock 22 with a TLR1S. I attempted to get my finger in the trigger guard area. I was able to touch the trigger but I could not pull it. The Glock safe action trigger did not allow me to pull it.

None the less I had to go to the department issue gun today with no tac light.

so any suggestions on a new duty holster that will fit my Glock 22 with a TLR1S on it? It must be a level 2 or higher.
Did someone talk to you about your TPS reports?
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Originally Posted by jokon View Post
are single cell WML's any skinnier than the double cell lights?
Would that even help?
The Blackhawk light is single cell, and we issue it, but I find the same deficiency, plus it doesn't have momentary operation, has a parasitic drain on batteries, leaves you stuck with their holster, and otherwise generally blows. I am on my third or fourth battery and I have turned the light on at exactly one training day.

Glock's dual battery, single stack light might have helped, but I don't think they're that popular and obviously you're refitting holsters.

The best way to prevent such an incident is to protect your gun.
"Logic is rarely the engine that propels a police department forward."

-David Simon in "Homicide"
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