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Sadly, Reagan is so far the best President in my lifetime by a LARGE margin. That being said, he was FAR from good enough and he is the only one that I believe actually had good intentions. Look at his actions compared to other presidents and he looks pretty good, look at A2, S1 and how the exec ensures A1, S8 is followed and he was a miserable failure.

We've only had a few Presidents that really tried to stick to their job and not overreach. Reagan should have been the President I think Goldwater would have been. If we don't start holding them accountable to their duties as President then what is the point? If you believe the Constitution needs amendment then fine, there is a process in place for that. Until we follow what we say is our law, we're just kidding ourselves.
Someday, I may be found lying dead in a ditch somewhere, but Iíll be lying in a pile of brass.

Track bills in Congress and tell politicians your opinion.
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Originally Posted by Syclone538 View Post
How are these D failures? Looks to me like D huge successes. They got what they wanted with little or nothing in return.
I rely on your earlier reply.
Being honest shouldn't be anything special.

We get the government we vote for.
A picture is worth a thousand words but you can't see what those shades of gray keep covered. You should have seen it in color. - Jamey Johnson - In Color
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Where is Bush-ism really THAT different from Obama-ism?

Our founders would be shooting by now!
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Originally Posted by brickboy240 View Post
Where is Bush-ism really THAT different from Obama-ism?

And, for that matter, is Obama Derangement Syndrome any different than Bush Derangement Syndrome?
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