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E-mail to my local Whole Foods Market.

They deiced to post a no firearms sign. Rather than just say to hell with it and carry concealed anyway, I decided to put my money where my mouth is. I haven't hit send yet so typos and punctuation can still be corrected. Opinions welcome.

Here's the re-wright.

Store Team Leader
Jeffery Zerweck

RE: Recent change to the store

To: Mr. Zerweck

My family and I started shopped at Whole Foods in 1990 and have been shopping at the XXX, XXX location since it opened. Since we enjoy the friendly courteous service and verity of goods we spend on average $0,000.00 a month at your market.

Last week my wife and I arrived and were disappointed to find that someone had posted a No Firearms sign at the entrance to the store. My wife and I are both license by the state of Louisiana to carry a concealed firearms and I possess a City of XXXX Special Officers Commission. Since we always carry canceled we returned to our vehicle and left. You have rendered both our carry permits and my commission null and void on your property. You have also announces to the criminals that you have created a victim rich environment for them. Do you honestly believe a sign is going to stop "criminals" from bringing firearms in you store? All the sign does is stop honorable men and women who have qualifies and carry firearms for self-defense from entering.

Whole Food is the only Market in XXXX that has chosen to post such a sign. Since you have chosen to deny us our right while on you property, my family and I will be shopping elsewhere.

Should you choose to remove the sign we would enjoy making Whole Foods our grocery store once again.


Jerry Xxxxxx

John Mackey, co-Chief Executive Officer
Whole Foods Market, Inc.
550 Bowie Street
Austin, TX 78703-4644

This is the old one ignore it. My family and I had shopped at the XXXX store for many years and have been shopping at the XXX, XXX location since it opened. It has been brought to my attention that recently a No Firearms sign has been posted at the entrance to the store. What you have done is announce to criminals that you have create for them a victim rich environment. Do you honestly believe "criminals" are going to follow your rule? Why do think they are called "CRIMINALS"?

I am license by the state of Louisiana to carry a concealed firearm and I possess a City of XXXX Special Officers Commission. You have rendered both null and void on your property.

Since you have chosen to trample my Constitutional Right to protect myself and my family while on your property we will be taking our business and our money to Wall-Mart. Why Wall-Mart. Not only does Wall-Mart furnish "ARMED" Police Officers for our protection while on their property, Wall-Mart supports my RIGHT to carry a firearm while shopping in their facilities. Wall-Mart provides me with double protection; armed Police Officers and my own firearm. You on the other-hand have decided to denied me the only protection I had while on your property.

Should you choose to either remove the sign or provide armed escorts to and from our vehicle and a guard to make sure a criminal cannot steal my firearms from my vehicle while shopping in you store, we will then and only then consider making Whole Foods our grocery store once again.



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