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Vincent Black
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My friends, I've come home. (New again G19 owner)

I haven't owned a Glock since 2004 when other gun companies started making similar guns with interchangeable backstraps that fit my short fingered hands so much better than the 3rd gen Glocks and prior. I've owned the M&P, the Taurus 24/7 (No changeable back straps, but still fit better than the Glock), and recently the Ruger SR9c. (Once again, no real back strap interchangeability, but still had a better trigger reach)

However, thanks to our beloved Commander in Chief's, policies towards our Second Amendment rights, I thought long and hard about what would be best to get before these atrocities *Ahem* I mean, new laws to make us so much safer get passed.

It didn't take long to realize that (Sadly - I mean come on, you'd think by now there would be other companies that had as many accessories and mod options as Glock, but no... ) Glock was still the most logical choice when it comes to aftermarket parts, accessories, and modification options.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I went to my local fun store and looked at the Gen4 G19. I knew from my prior experiences, there's no better all around pistol for firepower, accuracy and concealability than the G19. Period. (At least, IMO)

I had heard about these Gen 4 pistols on the internet, and their problems, but they seem to have things ironed out now, and I was curious as to if the extra 2mm in shorter trigger reach would make any difference. Not to mention the (supposedly) improved grip texture and larger mag release.

After fondling *Ahem* Er, I mean handling the pistol to check for improved ergonomics , the extra 2mm made the difference for me. Before, my fingers were so short, that I had to slightly offset my grip to be able to kick off the trigger safety (No, seriously, my fingers are that freaking short ) Now, even though I don't have as much pad on the trigger as I like, I had no problems pulling the trigger with a proper grip and when checking for sight picture when firing, it seems that right before the firing pin is released, the trigger seems to wind up around the sweet spot on the finger pad resulting in a pretty much stable sight picture, and not being off either slightly to the left or right.

As for the new grip texture, let's just say it works, and works damned good, maybe too good. I've never had a Glock start to wear sore spots on my hands before unless I was using skateboard tape. It would seem that that's definitely not needed anymore, wow.

The trigger is smooth, with that familiar resistance right before the firing pin is released, and doesn't feel gritty at all.

I've read about the different recoil springs that Glock had issued, and mine has 0, 3, and 4 at the 9, 6, and 3 o'clock positions. The first 3 letters of the serial number is TYD*** and the test fire date is 10/10/12. (Would have been really cool if it was 12/12/12, but oh well)

They happened to have a big box FULL of 31 round, Korean made PW mags, I bought one outright and put another two more on layaway with the Glock. But since they made two tickets, I was able to pick up my G19 yesterday and still keep the two unpaid for mags on layaway due to them putting it on a separate ticket, LOL!

Good thing too, because they completely sold out of those mags like I figured they would. My only regret was that I didn't put more on layaway with the G19.

And now, a simple pic of my Gen 4 G19 :

General Glocking

I figure that if later on I'm still not happy enough with the way it fits my hands, I can always get a back strap reduction, but I will wait and see how I do with it first before making that decision.
Lets put it in perspective. The man who refuses to salute the flag, commits to a racist church, and has not served one day is about to put on the hat of the Commander and Chief.

It will be a sad day for all democracy. It will be a sad day for the United States.

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