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The Fed
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It's Sad to See How Uninformed Most Gun Owners Are

I'm on a car forum where we've been discussing gun issues. Most of the gun owners have no idea what making "assault" weapons and hi-cap mags NFA items would do. They think getting a "Class III permit" or "FFL" to own them is no big deal. Here's what I answered:

It's not a Class III permit or FFL. There is no Class III permit, and an FFL refers to a dealer, importer or manufacturer. To own a Class III National Firearms Act (NFA) item you apply for transfer of ownership of said item from an NFA-approved FFL (not many of them around) to you or your corporation. You pay for a $200 tax stamp. The piece of paper you get is a transfer form, that's all. It's only a background check and registration. It takes many months - could be nine - to process the paperwork. HERE'S THE PROBLEM - either you form a corporation where the corporation owns the NFA item(s), or you need to get the approval of your county or city chief LEO (police chief, sheriff, whatever). Even in the most gun-friendly areas few will sign your form. You can be the most upstanding person in the world but few elected or appointed officials will take any chances on their reelection prospects.

Can you just imagine what would happen if this was enacted? ALL presently owned "assault weapons or items" are now subject to NFA rules. There's no such thing as grandfathering in the law. In fact, the way it's now written, ANY machine gun made after 1986 Can NEVER be owned by other than the military or a LE agency.

Is that what you want - the government hiring thousands of agents just to process applications? It will take years for approval, and you'll need to give up your weapons to a Class III FFL dealer until approved. Where will they keep them? How much will they charge you for storage? This is a GUN GRAB, pure and simple. If you study the regulations and the laws you'll see what I'm talking about. FYI - I used to have a collector's FFL so I needed to know the rules.

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Lots if people don't care enough to be thoroughly educated on subjects that effect them. Most of my family do not and will not understand what class 3 firearms are until they have to.

I have a SBR and my uncle wants me to bring it to Iowa to go shooting with him. It does not compute to him what a federally registered SBR is and that they are illegal in Iowa.

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You are telling this to a bunch of guys here who still refer to an "assault weapon" to a fully automatic or select fire machine gun.?

The weapon does not become an " assault" item until it is fully intended for that purpose. To ASSAULT someone. Otherwise, is either a military weapon ( military fully automatic machine gun) or a semi-automatic rifle (civilian military "look-a-like). The AR-15 used at Colorado, became an assault weapon in the hands of that crazy guy. My Inanimate AR-15 at home is still a semi-automatic rifle.
A good firearm, is the one that puts food on the table.
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Most people are intellectually lazy and are happy enough to get (dis)information spoonfed to them so they don't have to spend any effort thinking.
Usually sufferers of paraphilic infantilism are proud of their condition. Kinda like being a liberal. Your mental flaws are there for the entire world to see, and you're damned proud of it. - tank_monkey
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