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Originally Posted by SpectreRider View Post
My predictions for the recommendations to be made on tuesday:

Three things and all are for different purposes-

An assault weapons ban.... They will not pursue it with any vigor. It is only included to provoke the expected wailing and gnashing of teeth from gun owner and the NRA and then to be dropped as a show of compromise.

Ten round magazine restriction.... They will push for this one fairly hard, because they think they can sell it to the public as "reasonable" and because not going for it hard would be letting a good crisis go to waste. They honestly believe this might help.

Universal background checks..... This is the one they really want. There will be no compromise here. They want it and they are going to get it. It is backdoor registration because it will force a paper trail for every gun transfer going forward. Later they will find an excuse to push for centralizing all the data collected on the Form 4473. They want this for the future as a step towards disarming america. This will be part of the foundation laid down early that full registration will be built on.

There will be a couple of other things, better data sharing and collection for mental problems for example, but the meat of it is going to be the Universal background check.
They may or may not get the mag restriction, but if they don't you can bet they will bring it to a vote and use a vote against the bill to microtarget electioneering to paint those opposed as being in the pocket of the NRA and more concerned with keeping HIGH CAPACITY ASSAULT MAGAZINES available than protecting your children. There are voters who will be swayed by that.

I saw earlier someone post that we "could not expect to come out of this unscathed" and that we should accept background checks as the price of not having an assault weapons ban. To that I say WTF did any responsible gun owner do wrong! Accept nothing. Fight for every inch of ground. Write your elected officials. Join NRA or GOA. Make a donation if already a member. Talk to family and friends to see if you can get them involved.

And remember....

I see that you quoted me. I dont want universal background checks but in the land of **** sandwiches im going to choose the smallest one. Its just the way it is. When this whole thing started i advocated that i would willingly give them the background check nugget if they would agree to let teachers that wanted to carry could do so. That in essence would reduce the chances of this ever happening again and eliminate the ammo the gun control lobby can and will use on us. If they wont agree give them nothing is my stance. Again if something has to happen (which i think it will) background checks are the best option for us.

By the way i have been pressuring every gun owner or believer in 2a rights to join the nra. I have also written a dozen emails to reps urging them to not give an inch.

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