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Originally Posted by Texas357 View Post
Thicker parts is sometimes a compensation for poorer materials (or at least uneven material quality) and simplifies manufacture.

I'm not saying that's the case, but there may be a reason the Chinese felt the need to beef it up.
I think they learned that from Ruger.
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Originally Posted by Buffering View Post
Earlier, in this thread, someone posted that there are millions of satisfied Chinese AK owners althoug if you scroll to our own AK forum it will be abundently clear that Norinco AKs are the core bottom of. AKs and the with the SKS. They are universal last choice if someone wants to drop money on an AK.
I believe you are referring to my comment which was:

Originally Posted by Kilrain View Post
I’d reckon’ that would depend on your definition of “quality.” As it relates to a nice finish or tight tolerances or a myriad of other criteria, you may be right. As it relates to functional fireams, there’d be, literally, millions of AKs that disagree.
Whether a Chinese made AK is as "nice" as a Russian or Yugoslavian AK is just as irrelevant as whether the Pardner is as "nice" as an 870 Police model. Functionally, they are equivalent for their intended purposes, best I can tell.

Originally Posted by RJHUB View Post
What about getting parts? Are they available like the Remingtons?
Parts on the Pardner, with the exception of the barrel, are interchangeable with an 870. I've swapped bolts, trigger groups, forearms, etc between my Pardner and my 870 and they work fine. I'd suppose that used and/or new 870 parts are much easier to come by than trying to get individual pieces from China but I admit I've not inquired about what type of support H&R provides, if any.
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Originally Posted by Texas357 View Post

I had an engineering professor who said the most amazing thing about Russian Engineers was that their designs worked - even after being built by Russian factories. American designs assembled in Russia just wouldn't have worked.
I am reading a book right now, The Forsaken, which tells about Americans who immigrated to the Soviet Union during the Great Depression. It was the only time during our country's history that more people left the US than came to it.

It tells how Henry Ford had a factory built in Russia to build cars and trucks. it was common for them to roll off the assembly line missing parts. Not just minor parts, but things like sparkplugs, steering wheels, and sometimes whole engines. By 1936 it cost on average $20,000 to build a Model A in the Soviet Union, and more often than not the car would not run, or could not be driven.
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