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Originally Posted by Lugi View Post
Have a 590A1 and also had a had to go, so I could have the same platform....SOLD the 870 yesterday and ordered another 590A1!

I have two matching 870Ps left, and have a 590A1 #51517 coming. I suspect I may broom the other two 870s as well, even though that is what we are issued and qualify with.
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Originally Posted by Andrewsky View Post
I'd show you the photos of the rust but I literally gave that gun away (870 Express made in 2011 that I bought new). Even though I oiled it and live in the desert, the mag tube still got rust spots.
What kind of oil?

I've seen some 870's with rust issues, but never one that couldn't be fixed with FrogLube, Breakfree CLP, or Hoppe's Elite oil.
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I like my Benelli SuperNova Tactical also - I added a mag tube extension and the Mesa Tactical sidesaddle (6 - 8 gets in the way, according to MT). I also added the MT QD sling mount (designed for the 870?) - it works well enough for me. Comes with ghost ring sights, the MT side saddle adds the rail up top, I really prefer the pistol grip on a shotgun, cycles well, takes down easily. I got mine NIB for $369 otd...3-4 years ago.

I have nothing bad to write about the several other popular models listed in previous posts. I just haven't had enough experience with them to write anything at all. I do like that they are probably around the US in significantly greater numbers than the Benelli. Plus, I'm not so hot on Benelli's refusal to export the collapsible stock for the M4...but that's life.

I also have a Benelli Nova pump - just a bare-bones sg there - like that pretty well - it handles well, is easy to take down and clean, solid construction, nice features for a base sg - by no means a tacticool sg, though.
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I've seen Expresses rust as well, but using a Tuf-Cloth fixed that.
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