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how much has your paycheck been reduced??????

just got my first paycheck of 2k13, im down about $34 for a regular 80-hour check......

and i really can't wait til' next month when our benefits open-enrollment begins, that's when we find out how much our health insurance-premiums will get jacked up thanks to obamacare....

but the good news is that people who are sucking on the government-tit (a.k.a welfare, food stamps, ssi) will see a nice increase in their income this year.......

thanks obama for all that "hope and change".........the motto should be "hope and change for people who are too fat, lazy and pathetic to go out and work for a living while people like me pay for it".........

enjoy your steak, chicken, pot roast, chips, soda, candy, pastries and juice on your EBT food-stamp card while my shopping cart is filled with spam, baloney and hot dogs......

just had to vent

edit: forgot to add "worthless" to the fat, lazy and pathetic part...

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