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James Yeager is a smart guy

James Yeager is a smart guy. Yes, I said it, and it's true. Do you allow yourself to get hacked off at stuff he says that you disagree with? If yes, James Yeager loves you. He's running a business, and he has stuff to sell. By being controversial, he gets his name out there, keeps it out there, and keeps interest in his products high.

Do 1911's really suck? Of course they don't, and James Yeager doesn't really believe that. But how many people do you think come and spend a pile money to bring their 1911's to his classes to try to prove him wrong? Probably more than you might think.

Should all guns really be Glock 19's? No, and James Yeager knows that. But by recommending the Glock 19, he is helping his classes to be successful. Glock 19's are ubiquitous. So are holsters, magazines, parts, just about anything you might need for a Glock 19 is probably available almost anywhere that guns are sold.

This means he won't lose customers at the gun store. If he recommended something else. Oh, say a Walther PPQ or a Sig 226, they may or may not have it. The customer goes in and asks for it, and the salesman says sorry, we don't have it. How about this M&P instead? No, says the customer, I HAVE to have the xxxx for this class I'm going to.

Why are you wasting so much money on that class, says the salesman? James Yeager is an idiot. We have a class right here that will teach you the same stuff for $100. In fact, one is meeting this Saturday morning....

If they go in and ask for a G19... that will almost never happen. "Well, sir, I don't have one today, but I can get you one from our other store."

When the customer gets to the class with his G19, he will have the same gun as a whole bunch of his classmates, and that will make him feel secure.

Chances are, his new G19 will run just fine and take him through the entire course with no problems. On the off chance that something does go wrong- maybe he forgot to bring his extra magazines, or something- it's likely that ether other classmates, or even Yeager's company, will have spares. If his gun breaks, spare parts will be readily available.

The customer will have a good experience and will come back again, and may even recommend it to his friends.

Meanwhile, some other guy who spends twice as much money on a new 1911 and .45 ACP ammo, but doesn't take the time to break it in, may find that his gun won't work right. He will be ridiculed by his Glock fan classmates, and be forced to finish the course with a borrowed G19. He not only will not come back, but will tell his friends to stay away.

Oh, and what about 1911 guy who wants to show Yeager up? Well, since his gun is probably well broken in, and he's fired it so much it's like an extension of his hand, his gun probably will run through the class with flying colors. He will have a great experience there and will go home and brag about it. Score another one for Yeager.

Personally? I think Yeager is pretty entertaining, and I respect his ability to sell his company. But I'd rather put my time and energy to much better use- like debating about 9mm vs. 45, or AR vs. Ak.

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