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was just the victim of a citizen's pullover

I was on my way home and admittedly probably going a little fast, turned onto my next to last road and this Jeep is up my ass.....

I do not get bent about road manners much so I just ignore it, get to final turn and he is UP my ass, cannot even see his headlights.

Mind you; I drive a 3/4 ton diesel with a big ass bumper, I slow to almost a stop and turn onto my street, he is giving me a colonoscopy at this point, I pull over and slam on brakes and roll down window. This is a pretty rural area, I lean out the window and say "Is there an issue here?". I have a revolver and cell phone in hands.

This little retard starts yelling "I saw you speeding down my road dammit!!!" "I got your plates!!!"

I calmly say "are you a Law Enforcement Officer?" "what if I am", OK, so you are not, turn around and go home. "NO!, I saw you speeding!".

"Why don't you get out of your Jeep and come to my truck window and talk about this?" "NO!" "I got yo plates!"

OK, I have yours too, get out and say what you have to say or turn your ass around and go home.

"NO!" "I am turning you in for speeding!"

Great, I have 911 dialing right now, what's your name?

"You are calling the cops?"

Yep. Now turn around and go HOME jackass.

"I seen you, I seen your truck and plates, you're a SPEEDER!"

whips a u turn and goes home.

what kind of special retard is this?
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