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Come on Walking Dead, show some recoil!

The Walking dead paints a picture of a plausible reality(in film terms) of real physical, enviromental, and sociological struggles that a small group of survivors face in a post-apocaylptic zombie-infested world. It's a great immersing ride....until they start whacking the zombies.

NO recoil.
I watched season two last episode and season 1 first episode tonight...

I WANT that old farmers shotgun, because whatever type of recoil reduction system he had in it while firing (apparently) 00buck, worked like pure movie magic, it had the recoil of an airgun, and the muzzle blast of a cigar. That goes for ALL weapons fired in a show that PRIDES itself on graphic detail.

Also, none of them EVER miss...offhand, moving, from a vehicle, they all score the necessary brain stem hits every time, first shot...

Yes, I know it is only television......
cerebral aggresion
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