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Food Stamp Program

I wonder what % of the 47,000,000 People Really “Deserve” to be on Obama’s Food Stamp Program?!

At approximately 2:30 pm, September 6,
2012, I entered the Publix store on Main St. in Gainesville, FL to
pick up a few items. I gathered my items and went to the 14 and under
register to check-out. The person in front of me (a white female,
approximate age 35-43, fake nails, big braided hair do, clean clothes,
carrying a purse and a plastic drinking cup) put her purchase on the
check out surface ONE GRAPE.

Yes, that is correct ONE GRAPE. The
cashier asked if that was all, she replied yes. The cashier then
weighted the GRAPE and told the women the cost was $.02 (TWO CENTS),
the women then pulled out her Food Stamp EBT card and swiped it
through the credit card machine, requesting $24.00 in cash back. The
cashier asked if she wanted the GRAPE, the woman replied no and the
GRAPE was put in the garbage can. The register recorded the sale as
.02, cash back $24.00. The cashier then asked if two fives would be
okay because was out of tens, the woman agreed and took the $24.00
folded it up and put it in her pocket and left the store.

As the next person in line I asked the
cashier as a tax payer what in the hell just happened here she said
she was on the clock and could not comment. I then asked if I had
actually seen this person purchase and discard a GRAPE, then get cash
back on her Food Stamp EBT card. The cashier responded that it happens
all day every day in their store. She also said that if the person
buying the GRAPE has it ring up over .02 they get mad and make her
reweigh it.

My next comment was to ask the
cashier if she planned to vote in November and she said she could
hardly wait for 11/6/12 to get here as one tax payer to another. I
paid for my groceries, in cash, and left the store madder than 10 wet
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I'm MUCH MORE Conservative NOW.
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