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Originally Posted by 686Owner View Post
What about men? Do they get free exams for prostate cancer etc? And if so, why wouldn't there be a card to say "vote like your man parts depend on it?"
I actually think there is a whole list of exams that are afforded to men. I can't be 100% sure what they are, but I think they are in there. That is what the card is all about. Cosmopolitan magazine i think it was recently had an article about it.

Some of Romeny's ideas about medicare and medicaid are scary. His idea to not provide it to young people when they age is a mistake. If the medicaid market moves completely towards the private sector we will end up in the same dilemma we are with regular health insurance. Sure, folks that are wealthy can afford to switch health plans more easily than working folks, but the majority of us are stuck with whatever our employer offers us, or whatever we can afford to pay every month.

Removing all government control of the insurance industry could result in insurance companies taking your premium money and fighting you tooth and nail when you get sick. I went through that when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. They didn't want to pay for all the treatment, stating that chemotherapy and radiation wasn't necessary. My mom is alive today simply because my father is a lawyer and told them where they could go stick it. (1999)

I have a very close friend that has cerebral-palsy. He is trying like mad to get a job, but no one will hire him. He has literally been trying for almost 2 years since he graduated college. He currently has private insurance and medicaid. His private insurance doesn't pay for nearly enough of his expenses and medicaid picks up the rest. One of his power wheel chairs costs in excess of $20k. I'm not making that up. If medicaid goes away, people like him would be totally screwed. Here is a man that is trying his hardest to be a productive member of society, earn a living and support himself, but no employer will hire him because of his disability.

I think that the every day American needs to ask Mitt Romney some serious questions about his healthcare and tax plans. He talks about doing away with a good deal of tax breaks. Many of those tax breaks directly impact the middle class. I don't know about you, but paying an extra $500-1000 in taxes every year, compared to deducting $1500 results in a net increase of $2K! That's a lot of money for a $39k a year salary. And no, I'm not making all this up. My father is a trust, estate and tax lawyer, he's keeping close tabs on the tax issues.

Read this article on the taxes Mitt paid. Mitt Taxes
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