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reloading nut
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Originally Posted by VN350X10 View Post
Raytech has motors built for them, & they are NOT friendly to deal with on the consumer level. They actually built the Lyman 2500 & 3200 series tumblers.
I have a 3200 that is currently setting, dead, as neither Raytech or Lyman has any interest in supplying a replacement motor.
Dillon isn't real good about it either, I have one of their older large (forget the model#) tumblers not running. They've changed suppliers over the years.

uncle albert
Dillon will replace the motor but by the time you buy the replacement motor and ship the tumbler back to Dillon it is almost the cost of just buying a new tumbler.
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Last time I called Dillon about it, they said that there were no replacement motors avaliable for the model I have.

uncle albert
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I have a Lyman Autoflo 2200 that has been wonderful the past 10 years. I vote vibratory cleaner all the mess or fuss, unless you spill the bowl, or leave it unattended while emptying.
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I prefer a 8inch....oh nvm. I use a lyman Tumbler...havent had any issues and gets my cases clean enough with some lizard bedding and a cap of Nu Finish!

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