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Old 09-21-2012, 13:19   #1
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Revolver break-in?

Mas - I've read here on Glock Talk and other forums that many different people have many different formulas for breaking in semi-auto handguns for SD, but I don't think I've ever read any opinions on how many rounds should be fired through a new revolver before you trust it for self defense.

If you were to purchase a new high-quality revolver (say a S&W 642), how many rounds would you feel were necessary before you felt it was reliable for carry? I'm not talking about proficiency or accuracy or ability to change the loads under stress ... just assurance that the gun will go bang every time you pull the trigger, whether it's five shots with a 642 or six or seven or eight or nine (in case their are revolvers with more chambers).

Thanks again for your informed opinion.
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Old 09-21-2012, 15:15   #2
Mas Ayoob
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Even with a wheelgun, Snowbird, I'd want to have a couple hundred rounds through before carrying it. Over the years I've seen:

-- Revolvers that locked up when the cylinders heated up from .357 rounds and the gas ring expanded;

-- Revolvers whose firing pin bushings were the wrong size, allowing primer flowback to lock up the gun (usually involving very hot loads for the caliber);

-- Revolvers that would sieze up as soon as the list bit of crud got under their ejector stars from only a little shooting, or from particularly dirty burning ammo.

If it's made by man, bro, it can fail and needs to be checked out.

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