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Deadly force involving a canine

Hi Mas, I have searched but didn't find much info from sources I trust concerning using deadly force against an aggressive dog. If you were forced to shoot, is the aftermath going to be the same or similar regarding the investigation? Any input would be greatly appreciated. The reason why I ask is: my son was playing in the yard and a pit bull started making his way toward my son snarling and barking. I was armed with an M&P 45 and would have used it if I felt my son (or myself) would have been attacked. Luckily all problems were avoided and I got my son inside before it was an issue. Thanks for your time, Frank.
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Mas Ayoob
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Any shooting in public, even the shooting of a dangerous animal in a populated area, is going to be investigated. The investigating agency may not apply as much manpower or priority to the shooting of a dog as the shooting of a human, but an amazing number of people consider their dogs to be like their children, and they'll be every bit as inclined to seek redress for the animal's loss, in court.

Beats hell out of letting your kid get killed or disfigured for life, though. Sounds as if you handled your incident well.

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