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Originally Posted by JLA View Post
I thought it was a pretty cool video. Thanks!
Thanks for the positivity in the midst of a S.H.I.T storm!
It's funny how some close-minded people think they are better than others, just because they think their view is more correct.

The video happened while simply having fun at the range...
Some people take these things way too far and seriously... What's not to like about seeing a target get demolished by a firearm?
Maybe those people should go talk on a karate or hammer forum since they seem to like them so much

I'm surprised at how large of a difference in attitudes there is between different firearm forums.
Just because you are hidden behind "Glock Talk" doesn't mean you are a big-wig!
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...2 of 'em
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Originally Posted by GlockFish View Post
A guy posts a video of him shooting up a cinder block and gets insulted because of it....


Some of you guys need to get laid.
OP seems a bit squirly, no doubt, but this is the best post I have read in 6 months, easily.
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Originally Posted by The_Gun_Guru View Post

You said a mouthful!!!! video!

If my 9mm S2K can do that, I'd love to see what my .40 cal. could do!

Im sure the 40 would vaporize it.
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VIDEO WAS AWEEEESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!1!!!!!!

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