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I'm not a woman, but I want to add to this discussion a little. Women, no matter your age, make sure you're checking yourself. If you think "it can't happen to me", you're dead wrong.

My little sister found a lump that she thought was a cyst. Turns out it was a mass of cancer 8-10cm. This was about a week before her 33rd birthday.

Docs may not want to do mammograms regularly that young. Who cares. You know your body best. If something doesn't feel right, get it checked. NOW.
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Ts? Do NOT forget about the A!

I do not have "lady parts" but I do have excess breast tissue. Not enough to be "moobs" but even in high school when I wasn't porky, I got ripped on in the locker room for my "t*ts".

The tissue is irregular, and has lump-like structures. It wasn't any fun being the only dude having his boob squished, but I do understand why women HATE mammograms!

And don't forget the mammarys and daddarys . For both men and women, get your fanny-pipe checked as often as insurance will pay for it. My wife had a smidgen of bleeding, which she attributed to her blood thinner.

Her doc insisted on a colonoscopy; he really pushed her hard. The scope revealed a tiny tumor that hadn't had time to spread.
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