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Old 05-09-2012, 07:52   #1
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My primary CCW firearm is either a SP101 or S&W 642. 642 in right front pocket and SP on the belt. They are loaded with the Gold Dot Short Barrel 357 or 38+P.
My question is; am I fooling myself into thinking that a 5 shot wheel gun with 2 speed strips or speed loaders is enough for my defense needs.
I choose the revolver platform because for me it carries the best and I enjoy and shoot it better than any of my other handguns.
There is always that lingering thought of "is 5 shots enough" I guess I would be considered "low risk" (if there is a thing now days) of being a victim due my lifestyle, but crime is everywhere.

I guess the synopsis is, do you feel one needs to have more than 5 shots before a reload is needed in the gun they shoot best??

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Old 05-09-2012, 07:59   #2
Mas Ayoob
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These days I tend to use 5-shot guns for backups rather than primary. That said, I can generally wear comfortable clothing and "dress around the guns." Different people in different climates/jobs/dress codes don't all have that option.

When in doubt, carry BOTH your snubbies. Drawing the second gun is faster than a reload, and a second gun where your support hand can reach it is a potential life-saver in a number of predictable situations.

Personally, if I was limited to ten rounds before a reload, I would feel I had more options with them distributed between two 5-shot revolvers, one on each side of my body, than in a single 10-shot autoloader.

The important thing is what works best for YOU.

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Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Atlanta, Ga
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Good points.
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