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Did you see the bullet fragments?
I did, however this data kind of contradicts that test's result

spawned from this page:

A 155gr Tac-XP coming out of a .40 @ 1178FPS!?! now that is a hot load! I wonder who makes it
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Old 09-24-2013, 12:15   #27
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I have been a member for some time, however have not done testing for a long time. I am finally getting to do some.

I tried out some Vihta Vuori 3N38 with Barnes 125 gr and also Magtech's 130 gr CHP, and C.O.P. 140gr CHP's, and got some great results.

11.5 gr 3N38
140gr C.O.P.
col 1.250
Fed LP primers, Rem brass
6 inch L.W. barrel
1395 fps avg, es 15.
primers showing very slight flattening, but very little case expansion.

12.0 gr 3N38
125/130 gr Barnes/Magtech
col 1.250
Fed LP primers, Rem brass
6 inch L.W. barrel
1535 fps avg, es 12.
same as above, primers show very slight flattening, normal case expansion compared to Winchester 175gr Silvertip.

Definitely not 'full' power, would have been 100-110 fps less with a 4.6 barrel, but still decent.

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