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Chrono results for 800-X and N350

This spreadsheet summarizes my first loading of IMR Hi-Skor 800-X and VihtaVuori N350. Parameters included 180 gr Precision Delta FMJ, 1.26 COL, 45F, G20sf with Bar-Sto barrel, 22# recoil, and GlockWorx race springs. The results are unremarkable. There is no QuickLoad data for 800-X, so I was replicating three values from Hornady 8, and mine were faster than book by 6, 27. and 20 fps. Hornady used a 5" barrel versus my 4.61" barrel, so I'd expect Hornady to be 25 fps faster, but the difference is in the nominal range for QL versus reality. The N350 tracked predicted very closely, as is typical of VV propellants.

Because I kept having to adjust POI and move the chrono to stay in light, the groupings were not useful, but the 800-X seemed to tighten up at higher pressures, and the N350 seemed consistently tight.

My impression was that if I did not have a RCBS ChargeMaster or suchlike, I'd never fool with 800-X, since LongShot, N350, and several others will do pretty much what 800-X will do, but will also meter well, are not so dirty and flashy, and have a flatter, more predictable pressure/charge mass curve. The added cost and limited availability of VV is worth it to me, since I'm not a commercial loader. No offense to 800-X fans, YMMV.
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Nice work gwsanfor.
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