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The 147gr do not have a good street record. I would not stand in front of one but the best bullet weight for 9mm have been 115, 124, 125, 127gr in actual shootings and you will hear about 115 and 124 more than the others and I perfer +P+ loadings
That was based on shootings from 25 years ago with a bullet designed for accurate potentially long-distance shots from a supressed MP5, not based on shootings using any of the bullets from 15 years ago to now. The people who have shot people with 147 grain HSTs and the other members of this generation have all been extremely happy.

As in, the bullets did exactly what they were designed, advertised, intended, and expected to do. JHP design has really only had real growth since the early 90's, so to base your ammunition choices on bullets that were designed before manufacturers knew how to make a consistently performing JHP is foolish or uninformed. Since the internet is about ubiquitous, they're pretty much the same thing these days.

The Winchester white box 147 hasn't been updated since it came out in the 80's, and it's never been a great expander, but with bullets there's no magic happening. It's a heavyweight bullet that doesn't expand as much as any of the newer offerings, which means it will give a lot of penetration. Think of it as a budget XTP, another mediocre expander that is known for great accuracy and penetration.
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Originally Posted by cole View Post
Try a search for data/reports from the 1990s and earlier. You'll find the "data" there, and it's still true only if you choose to ignore modern loads, elect to live in the past, or - more likely the case - if you are seeking validation for your +p and +p+ (i.e. light/fast) bias. Regardless, it's crazy how some stuff just seems to persist, especially on the internet even in the age of Google. Modern 147gr and 124gr +p are good stuff. IMO, heavier the better in all service calibers. Here's the result of some of my time well wasted: LE-ATK Gello Test Data: Compiled + Observations.
That's what I thought. I hadn't seen anything written recently that suggested the 147 grain loads were not impressive in actual performance.
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