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Originally Posted by brickboy240 View Post
Been rocking a TLE II Kimber down here in hot and humid Houston for years and never seen rust.

Blue Wonder Armadillo is your friend. Coat the barrel and you'll never see rust.

I was told that the early XDs also had slide rusting problems but again...Blue Wonder Armadillo and in 10 years I have never seen any rust.

If metals is going to WILL do it here....still no rust on the Kimber or XD.

Buy a Kimber and use this:

- brickboy240
Yep I am south of Houston, nearer to the coast. We can rust anything baby!
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I absolutely adore the sa range officer and if Hickok45 likes it it's more than good enough for me. And on the Kimber issue I went to the gunshot today and checked out an eclipse that had been in the counter for a while and low and behold rust on the bbl. that's truly disappointing for the money it's like buying a 2011 mustang with rust on the hood and the dealer telling you it's just cosmetic.
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1911 Forums

The top one is an ATI Compact in 45acp which I just picked up tonight. It will see the range tomorrow. Dry feeding, it strips and ejects snapcaps, round nose, and Hornady XTPs. With tax, I paid $463 out the door.

The bottom is an RIA Compact in 9mm, and it shoots beautifully. The two-tone was a bit hard to find, and I picked it up used.

Fit and finish on both are very nice, slide to frame on both are a tight fit, no slop. Triggers are both smooth and break clean.

The RIA has a 4" bull barrel, the ATI is a standard 4.25" barrel with bushing and 1/2 length guide rod.

The 9mm holds 9+1, the .45acp holds 8+1. The RIA weighs 2lbs 10oz, and the ATI weighs 2lbs 13oz. For comparison, a Glock 23 loaded weighs 2lbs, a full size MilSpec Springer loaded weighs 2lbs 15oz, and a Sig RCS with it's alloy frame weighs 2lb 4oz loaded.

Each one came with one mag, the RIA came in a plastic carry case, the ATI came in a padded cardboard box.

So far, I'm happy with them and would recommend them to anyone.

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