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Old 02-02-2012, 19:20   #26
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Originally Posted by Donn57 View Post
Yeah, I get it. Loaded extra mags are heavy so you can always hit your attacker with one if your primary weapon is no longer an option for whatever reason.
Yeah and I would love to have an AR15 and a Mini-14 on me and a .50 cal machine gun turret on top of my car, but there is a point where it's just too much. It's JUST MY OPINION, but carrying two guns as a civilian is too much. Now you have not one, but two (or maybe more?) guns that you need to keep in control if you have to use other force like fists. How are you going to protect someone from taking the gun on your hip, the knife in your pocket, and the revolver on your ankle all at the same time? Are you just going to shoot them since you're worried they will take one of your many weapons? That probably won't hold up in a court of law in front of your peers. Good luck trying to convince a jury that carrying multiple pistols on you every day is a reasonable idea.

Again, just my opinion. What if your backup gun also fails? What if the backup to the backup fails? When do you draw the line? I would rather be somewhat comfortable then to have a pistol on my belt, a pistol strapped to my ankle, and a bunch of other weapons in my pockets or on my belt.
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Originally Posted by OMEGA5 View Post

Anything mechanical can and will malfunction or break.
this is why I carry a bug. Usally a pair of Glocks.
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SJ 40
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My favorite BUG to my G22 is my other G 22. SJ 40
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Old 02-03-2012, 07:43   #29
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Originally Posted by MinnesnowtaWild View Post
Not my cup of tea at all. On duty, yes I will have a back up gun. As a citizen with a concealed carry I see no reason to carry a back up gun. I would rather just carry an extra mag or two.
The reason would be the same reason you carry a BUG on duty unless it is just something they make you do.
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Bill Lumberg
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Kind of comical for permit carry, but if you're legal and do it safely, why not?
Originally Posted by YtownGlock View Post
I have a buddy who carries a Glock 19 as his primary ccw weapon and (I can't remember the name of the other gun) a subcompact 9mm on his ankle on occasion, he doesn't do it all the time though.

I currently have only a Glock 23 Gen4 and am contemplating getting a Glock 27 Gen4 and wearing it on my ankle as well.

Does anyone else carry two guns? I've seen a lot of the veteran youtube gun community channels talk about this subject and it seems some people do in fact carry a backup.

What are you thoughts and opinions for carrying a backup ccw weapon? Depending on what state you live in, are you allowed legally to carry more than one weapon/handgun concealed? etc etc etc.
Did someone talk to you about your TPS reports?
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Old 02-03-2012, 12:00   #31
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I carry BUG on duty. Off-duty CCW I carry a reload, but no BUG.

A BUG is never a bad thing IMO. A G23 and G27 is a pretty stout loadout for CCW.

A jframe in a pocket and one on the ankle would be a good carry option.
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Originally Posted by MoneyMaker View Post
i hate to carry 1 gun let alone what some you guys carry,i swear some think they are some urban commandos,i do mean this to the poster but really isnt 1 gun enough?Are you extremley trained in the 1st gun?Trained to have defensive and offensive skills?I see guys post pics of carrying 2 guns,4 or 5 mags,2 or 3 knives,some pepper spray,baton plus all there keys,lighters,cigs,cell phones,Come on enough is enough!!
Agreed! When I see posts like that, I can't help but laugh to myself. These people are either full of BS or belong to class of people we in LE refer to as "wanabes" or smackers. Hell I don't even know many cops that carry all that crap. In NJ, we don't have carry, so the closest equivalent would be all the volunteer Fire and EMS guys, that wear all the patches, carry belt packs full of tools and have hundreds of blue lights all over their cars. I carry one gun and sometimes an extra mag, that's it. I'm not going to war.
Sig P225/S&W 60, 66, M&P 45, M&P 9c, 1911SC/Glock G22 Gen4, G23 Gen4 & G36/Kimber Pro Tactical II/Ruger Mk II/H&K P30, 45c/Colt Defender
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Do i carry a bug no, I dont even carry extra ammo. Statistically speaking I wont fire more than three shots. With those three shots, hits or not the theat is either neutralized or suppressed either way ive given myself time to remove myself from the area.Police officers have the obligation of staying so it makes sense for them to have a BUG. I think to many people fantisize about being in long drawn out gun fights.
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Carry a G19 & a back up mag. Unless I know I'm going somewhere shady... St. Louis for example.

Maybe toss the AK or shotgun in the truck.
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ankle, backup, ccw
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