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How does Red Jacket Do it?

Hi all, i just had a question in regards to the tv show Sons of Guns, aside from the overdramatic crap that im sure Discover Channel makes them do, they do some interesting work, however, im a little bit confused. My knowledge on Class III related topics is a basic understanding. Did anybody see the Saiga 12 "Mini Gun" they made? They put 3 Saiga 12s on a rotating mount that resembled a Mini Gun, they applied an electronic firing mechanism to it, and it was absolutely bad to the bone. They made for some guy who owns a junk yard who apparently bought it from them. I understand that class III dealers can obtain dealer samples, but those cannot be transferred to the public civilian world. Well, i know Red Jacket has all the legal permits to do what they do, but how can they build a mini gun out of some pretty recent models of guns and then turn around and sell it to a civilian. From what i understood - "For civilian possession, all machineguns must have been manufactured and registered with the ATF prior to May 19, 1986 to be transferable between citizens." (sourced)
can someone shed some light on this for me?
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A new machinegun cannot be transferred to other than an SOT or a government entity.
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