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Factory Refurbished Glocks

Just what constitutes factory refurbished Glocks? Every once in a while I run across a few on line or in gunshops and was curious. Since the Glock is a relatively simple design to upgrade and maintain, I would assume any competent Glock Armorer could replace every single internal part himself without assistance from the factory.

When the factory re-furbishes a gun, do they do something to re-mold the frame or issue a new serial number? Does the factory take older generations and rebuild them into the next generation guns?

I am also concerned that factory refurbished guns are lemons that have just been cleaned up and put back into circulation. I'm currently in the market for a new G26. If I ran across a good deal on one of these refurbished guns, would it be worth it, or would I be better off buying factory new.
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Glock pistols are easy to work on and yes, anybody can rebuild it. If you call swapping out a few parts a rebuild?
Yes the factory rebuilds are completely gone through and parts are replaced or refinished when necessary.
A new gun is new indeed. Most rebuilds are LE trade ins. If you feel a rebuild is less desirable then do not lower your expatiations!
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