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Originally Posted by agtman View Post
Well, back when I was playing around with hot stuff in my 610, I found you could increase velocity significantly with much more pressure by long-loading the projectile beyond the 1.260 COAL restriction in a 10mm autoloader. Since these were special loads for my 610 only, I used NICKLE brass to distinguish them from the reloads (using the goldish brass) for my autos.

Long time ago a 10mm user over on THR posted several times about doing the same long-loading experimentation with his 610, and he stated that his success at developing a 100-yd "deer load" was the reason he passed on sending his wheelie to Bowen for reaming out the cylinders to 10mm mag length.

While I haven't tried reaching 10mm Mag levels, I have tried loading the 200gn XTPs out to, first, 1.325," then on up to 1.400", and increasing the powder charge slowly but steadily. IIRC, I was using AA#7. Some COALs I tried were more accurate than others, based on group sizes.

Nothing bad happened, but I eventually got tied up with something else and had to stop experiementing with finding the maximum safe load for long-loaded 10mm ammo in a 610.

Maybe someone else has attempted this long-loading alternative to having their 610's cylinders reamed?

That's the kind of data/info I'm looking for being that I really don't want to go the 10mm Magnum route (yet ). Even staying within the 1.260 OAL, it seems you can get a lot of low volume powder in the case like Hodgdon's Longshot and/or AA#7 if I remember correctly. I'll have to look at my data when I was experimenting with the 9x25 Dillon. Good idea to distinguish/separate cases by nickel plating. I'd be interested in looking at your data if you are willing to share and certainly understand using at my own risk. The "N-frame" of the S&W 610 seems to be overkill by Smith, but it sure is nice shooting and does seem to like the heavier/hotter loads....
Navy Corpsman, 1971-1975; NRA Patron Life Member; The 10mm "...more energy at 100 yards than a .45 ACP at the muzzle." - Massad Ayoob quoting Col. Jeff Cooper
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