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Maybe if he was protecting a small child he'd have a leg to stand on...
What Freud said about the Irish is: "We're the only people who are impervious to psychoanalysis."
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Originally Posted by DrBob View Post
There have been several fatal shootings in the papers and on the TV news recently (vid. the mass shooting at the beer distributors warehouse) but the one that has seemed to generate the most public anger is about the guy who went to a dog park and used his 9mm Glock loaded with hydroshock bullets in a fatal shooting.

Apparently he was off duty (federal cop of some sort) and felt his life and the life of his wife was in danger. However, there appear to be no credible eye witnesses (that have come forth). There is some question if he was legally allowed to carry in MD.

On a number of forum discussions, I've noted that people discuss scenarios in which they might or might not use deadly force. I doubt that this scenario has been discussed often in the past.

If you think that drawing your weapon, or firing your weapon, or killing something with your weapon is going to result in an open and shut case, this event suggests that you may be underestimating the public response to the use of deadly force.

Check out the links and then post your comments...

Police question if carry was legal,5935972.story

Police report

Hydroshock killing bullet

Editorial asking for investigation,5950094.story

Story on Facebook and thousands sign petition
I thought 9mm just bounced off people's skin??
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Screw dogs. They are just animals. That is all. I am sick and tired of people who want to personify animals in general and especially those who project such views on dogs and cats in particular. If you love a dog or cat, fine. Keep it under control and don't expect anyone else to tolerate the animal. If it messes with someone one and they kill it, that's your problem. Control your animal. Otherwise, have a spade and some ground available. No one has any obligation to accommodate someone else's animal. As far as I'm concerned, the officer should be given a medal and replacement ammunition so that he will be loaded and ready if another uncontrolled dog needs to be given a round in the head. I own a dog and several cats. I take my dog out daily for walks/jogs/runs of 4-5 miles. I keep her on a leash unless we are in the open country. She is kept under control.

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