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Old 04-27-2010, 11:59   #1
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Mossberg or Escort?

Looking for a home defense shotgun. Deciding between a Mossberg 500 Persuader with an 18" barrel, or another shotgun I recently stumbled upon called an Escort, I haven't heard of them before but apparently they're made in Turkey. The Mossberg obviously has the reputation but I'm curious about this Escort, the "rack" time is extremely short which is beneficial. However, I'd like some outside opinions. Anyone?
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Stick with the Mossberg there is no substitution for reliability. I have a couple of escorts in my shop and I can say they are no Mossberg. I do say for my own opinion there is no other shotgun more reliable than the mossy. If the rack time is something you can overcome with the Mossberg from training. I know the Escort is faster than the Mossberg but the real question is would you rather be faster on the rack or would you rather know that the gun is going to work everytime the gun is racked.

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I have a Moss 500 A 12 Ga I bought new at Wally World in 1994. It has the plastic trigger housing, __?_?_?___thousand rounds through it, and if you held it you would swear it was pretty new. The only wear that is visible aside from normal forend wear from the pump action occurred when the wooden forend became slightly loose and twisted. It rubbed on the left side of the receiver and left a rub mark but did not wear through the blue. This past Christmas I bought an 18.5" barrel directly from Mossy's internet site for 59.99 on sale plus 4.99 shipping. It is now clad with a knoxx wirefolder stock and mossy blacktical forend. I know people love their 870's, and I know they ooze over their Bennellis(SP), but I cannot imagine better bang for the buck. I originally bought the gun for 119.00. I bought my father in law a 500A at a local pawn shop this past Christmas. The gun still had stickers and tags hanging on it, but the owner traded it on a pistol. I could not find evidence that it had ever been fired. 135.00 out the door. for 75.00 he can get a 18.5" barrel and have a 210.00 HD gun. Show me a better deal. In a nearby small town there is a small hardware store that sells EVERYTHING. I went in back in December, and they had a 500A with blacktical stock and forend, a pistol grip and 18.5" barrel for 219.00. I was going to buy that until I found the Pawn shop special. My Father IL just wanted a Moss 500. He is very happy! There are great deals to be found on Mossy's! By the way, I have never had a single failure of any kind with my 16 year old 500. The plastic trigger is not a problem!
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Thanks that's all i need to know
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Is this the one with the spring assist?
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