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SD with knife - need practical advice

Mr. Emerson, what practical advice can you give a man in his mid 50's about defending himself with a knife. I don't have any illusion that at this age I can become proficient enough at martial arts esp because my physical skills will continute to decline. Much of what I see on the internet about knife fighting looks like it was just made for tv. I need practical, effective advice on what to do if I need to defend my life with a folding blade. Thanks in advance.
"All things be ready, if our mind is so." Shakespeare (From "On Combat" by Grossman)
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Ernest Emerson
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Re: Sd with knife - need practical advice

Dear Stepaway,

Don't even sell yourself short. I am 55 and I hit like a sledgehammer. In fact, I just ran a combat class a couple of weeks back and there were at least 10 attendees in their 50's. And most of them were not fighters (at least before the class). The point I am making is that without previous experience they handled themselves as well as all the young stallions in class did. Self preservation is not about physical skills, it is about mental toughness and mental preparation for combat. Those are the most important attributes. Without those, the physical skills might as well be dance moves. In the short term, try practicing fundamental boxing skills and then do the same punches and moves with a knife in your hand. You will be amazed that the skills are the same - fighting is fighting. Age is not a factor. There are plenty of boxing books and you will get into tremendous shape. Give it a try. Good luck!

Best Regards,
Ernest R. Emerson
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