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Talon Grips Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material like?

Just like skateboard tape but a less abrasive brand.

Is the grip good for CCW?

That is personal preference. Most people wear an undershirt to avoid direct contact with their skin. Some people don't mind it against their skin at all. The grip does have a "break-in" period where it becomes less abrasive on direct contact points over time (about ten days based on personal experience).

What is your shipping method?

I use USPS 1st class mail. Your grip will arrive in an envelope with the Talon logo on it. If you do not have home delivery in your town be sure to use your PO Box address.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

I ship orders out as fast as I can. I start shipping later in the day but before the mail goes out. This way I get as many same-day orders out as possible. If you missed the deadline it will go out the next day.

I don't like waiting for orders and I'm sure you don't either. That is why I do this the way I do. USPS usually arrives within 5 days of your order, depending on location I have had customers report two day delivery. Now that's fast! AND FREE! I use USPS 1st class to keep the cost down, this way I am able to absorb the cost myself and offer you free shipping no mater what size the order.

Your site will not let me complete the order. What's going on?

Simply turn off your pop-up blocker. The site needs to direct you to the final payment page and does so with a pop-up. There are also step-by-step payment instructions below the detailed grip explanations on the website.

If there will be a slight delay I will always post the ASAP shipping date on the home page.

What about the G29/30SF?

I have a grip in the works that will fit the standard G29/30 as well as the SF models. Expect it in February or early March if all goes well. If you need it now the standard grip will fit the SF model with some minor trimming in the mag release button area.

What about the G36?

I can't find one for fitting in my small town and have been trying for a while now. If you want to negotiate some terms and have a G36 to send me hit me up in a PM or e mail. I will do my best to make it worth your while.

Will you offer the Springfield XD and XDm models?

Yes, it is in the works.


Yes. I am working on it.


Working on it.

Will there be a rubberized material available directed toward CCW?

Yes, soon, if all goes well. I am picky about the material. If it doesn't work for me I will not sell it to you.

What is your customer service policy

Whatever it takes to make you happy ASAP! It's just that simple.
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