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Bad Guys are Out There

I am new to this forum. I want to say "Hi" and tell you how grateful I am to have a place to read about firearms and such. Anyways, I have read all 253 posts and really enjoyed the stories. I think that I need to tell mine though.

When I was 18 I lived in a party house with 4 other friends in Muncie IN. On a usual weekend night, we had a party with kegs and probably 30 people in my house. Late in the night, a friend of mine came in all beat up. I'm talking broken nose, ribs, he just looked like hell. We tried to get as much info out of him as we could but he wouldn't talk. All he would say was he got jumped in the side of our yard by a couple of guys. An hour or so later I had 7 to 8 guys in my house brandishing handguns. They were gang members looking for my "beat up" friend. Apparently my friend was not on the losing end of his fight. Luckily a girl from our party ran out and waved down a police car (we were on BSU campus); the police showed up within minutes and the gangstas ran off after hearing all the sirens. I have never felt so helpless in my life. When it all happened I was in my kitchen with a couple of friends just chillin at the keg. One of the invaders came in the kitchen waiving his gun in our faces. We wanted to wrestle the gun out of the dude's hand and beat the living piss out of him, but we were afraid of someone getting hurt (not the gangsta). If you're wondering if we pressed charges or not, We didn't. We were all underage and with all the kegs in our house, we ran too!

Fast forward 10 years. After serving 8 years in the USAF (OEF Vet) and meeting my wife (who is also military) I was stationed in Florida at Hurlburt Field. Immediatly after Katrina I bought my Glock 19 (same reason as many others). No CCW though. Now we are stationed in New Mexico. I have been honarably discharged from the AF and now I'm a Sociology major at ENMU. So its my job to find out about society and stuff. Down to the nitty-gritty! I am going to the CCW class Mar 8&9 because in my research I found out that 1 in 166 people in my area are the victim of a violent crime. I've also talked my wife into getting an AR-15, which is perfect cause she and I already know how to field strip the weapon and shoot it effectivly. It just sucks cause if I did all of this (CCW) while still active duty, I wouldn't have to take the class; which would save me $100

Thanks for reading, you guys/gals seem like a good bunch.
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