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Originally Posted by Dogbite View Post
I had two different situations that made me go get my concealed carry license. In The first situation, i was waiting with some friends in a Marta station in Atlanta after a game. About five twenty-something black thug dressed men came down an escalator, and started dancing around a single man holding a brief case, obviously waiting for the train after work. One of the young thugs finally gave him a good straight right to the face, totally unprovoked. Then when everybody started yelling and heading to the aid of the business man, the five cowards ran up the down moving escalator. It was a good ten minutes before on lone woman cop came running asking which way they had gone.

The second situation happened at a waffle house in a suburban setting-not a bad area. Everybody was eating and quiet when up rolls 7 cars full of thug looking young guys, complete with seriously loud music, sagging pants and more chains than huggy bear. they came in, walking up and down the isles, talking loud and daring anyone to say something. Some of them started banging on the windows, and shouting obscenities. The police were then called. I immediately told my then wife to get up and meet me at the cashier, we were leaving. They had crowded around the front door, and they did not move out of the way. Then when i got through them, and got to the car, i tried to back up and the good citizens proceeded to block me with their car.. I kept a cool head, and waited for them about 15 minutes to get out of the way. The police never did show up, as i drove off feeling lucky there was no confrontation. These are situations that i would have felt a lot better in being armed. I could not, and would not have pulled a weapon in these situations, unless it got clearly out of control and deadly, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know it could have easily headed in that direction.
And now you know exactly why I carry a subcompact glock with two full size reloads: all of the situations I've felt screwed and in desperate need of a gun has involved a small or large group of people. I can't imagine carrying some 5 shot snub!
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