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Tonight at midnite I turn 21. I will be going to get mine at 8a.m. when the doors open because I CAN. I've had some pretty close calls, having had friends that lived in the worse (not just the bad part,even worse) part of town, and looking down the barrel of a gun and feeling helpless is not something I want to go through again. I now have a fiance' and am getting married this august, and it will be MY responsibility to protect her. I would die if something happened to her, and I'm going to carry 24/7 to do everything in my ability to stop something from happening. and it also helps that I've had handguns for a couple years, and it sucks not being able to carry them concealed. After VA tech and all the other recent shootings, I decided that I will carry all the time, not just a couple nights a week when I go out. I've loved guns since I was young, love shooting them, love hunting with them, just fascinated by them. Even if I had none of the previous reasons, I would get it because I'm an American citizen, and I can. I won't be a victim. Neither will my family if I can help it.
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