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Here's a partial shot of my batterie de cuisine:

Mostly Wustoff, some Henkels, some Tramontina, a few Global.

I started out really liking the Wustoff and to a degree the Henckles. But as my skills and usage of these blades progressed I found I favored the Globals and bought some vintage carbon steel Sabatier off evil bay and my preferences have shifted.

I've got about 6 Global blades now and three Sabatier and they are superior if every respect. The Global blades are razor sharp and very easy to restore an edge. The Global boning and filet knives are thin and springy just like they should be. I'd own a bunch of Sabatier carbon steel knives if they still made them.

Chef is right though...learn how to hold and use a 10-12" chefs knife properly and it will replace your food processor and do 90% of your kitchen tasks...
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